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[QUOTE=bleugirl;293899]Evening, coolJ, Curious, why would you stay away from them? Your response intrigued me. Just going by the picture on the website, the handles looked really smooth, at least to me. You might think this is weird, but when I look at a knife I the first think I do is assess the grip. Because, thanks to a previous manager, I now consider the slip factor when I'm chopping, the less risk there is of a knife slipping out of my hand and cutting me,...
I just googled Misono knives. They look like great knives. Personally though I think I would stay away from them. The handles seem too smooth. Depends on the chef though.
Hey Phatch, aren't those older henckels the best?? I use the twinmaster line, the ones with the yellow handles. I also have a couple from the cologne series (black handle, department store model) they are also great knives. I'm very attached to my santoku.
welcome aboard bleugirl. my advice on knives, first off don't overspend. Consider whether you are going to be using the knife in a restaurant setting or at home. In some cases a $25 knife will be just as good of a knife as one that costs $75. Have fun on this site.
good point.
I mean being able to post through texting, not mobile internet.
I am doing some research for a self inflicted writing project. I am trying to put together a book. I am one of those people who likes to write off and on just as a hobby, but have this idea and want to see where it leads. I want to basically write a fictitious (yet accurate) memoir or diary of a chef. If any of you are willing to share some stories from your careers that would be great. I am hoping to get enough stories that I can blend together into one. I would...
Thanks Mezz!!
With all the new technology out there, facebook, twitter, etc... Does cheftalk have an option to post from a mobile phone??
I didn't know I was still registered here at cheftalk. It's been such a long time since I've posted, I don't really know where to start. It's great to see so many names that I recognize. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about coming back here, because I had been away so long. I googled 'chef message boards today', as I am looking for some stories for a book idea and this was the first result on the list. So, here I am. I hope you all can accept me back.
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