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welcome back. a couple of words of advice, with purchasing, if you can buy generic products rather than the name brands, it will save you $$. Make work a game for your staff, if they're having fun, they'll work more productively. And most times that will lead to them getting tasks done ahead of schedule, that way they can leave work early, saving you on labor costs too. I recently started a new job, and that is one thing that our chef does, he makes the job fun. We get our...
That's him. Thanks Chrose. I never thought to look on ebay.
For Me, it fluxuates between chili and cheese dogs from 7-11 with a 40 oz slurpee. to Mcdonalds burgers. Greg, I know what you mean about the tenderloin, the other day our chef made us beef dips for lunch with smoked tenderloin, and his comment was, ahh life is rough.
So as most of you know I have been working two jobs lately. I'm still working in the restaurant, although at a reduced capacity, as I decided to make my position with the catering company my main focus. All I can say is wow, what a difference, Catering is way more up my alley than short order at a diner. My Chef is an amazing guy, and I fit right in with the team. working for Aramark, my attitude is I get to work today, whereas with the restaurant, it's like ohh, I have to...
Okay, So I probably won't get many, or even any replies to this, but it's worth a shot. I realize I haven't been posting much on this site lately, but any info on this subject will help. I'm looking for some Don Messer Records, some of you who are a little more life enhanced, will probably remember who I'm talking about here. Anyway, I'm planning a tribute show to Don Messer as part of my radio program. Not sure what date it will air on. what I first need to do is get...
No real question, just wanted to see if people knew about Aramark, because it seems up here, it's an unknown company. It's sort of like the only people that really know about it are the employees, 'cause I'm telling all my friends who I work for and they have to ask where that is. I guess it might be because most people assume Aramark is some new restaurant, or I'll tell someone that I work at the college, and they think that I work for the college. just stuff like that.
just curious if there are any other Aramark employees on the boards ??. or even if you don't work for this company what your opinion is of it.
Some good news from my little part of the world. I am going to be getting a better taste of working in a "real" kitchen, as I recently hired on with a reputable catering firm. The Chef is a cool guy, and he didn't make me feel like I had to prove anything, he just hired me and has me starting the middle of next week on a short shift to get a feel for the kitchen. I am going to be doing both food preparation and banquet set up. The bonus is that I don't have to just up and...
Welcome Bob, from what part of Canada do you hail ??.
If someone asks you to go find the bacon stretcher or a left handed paring knife, don't. But seriously you've already received a lot of great advice. pay attention to your surroundings and you'll be fine.
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