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thank you all for your replies, when I said pavlova to my aunt she was like, 'that's what it was !!'. I didn't realize that when she said lady she meant it as the title, such as lady pavlova, i was thinking of a womans name when she gave me the description. she wanted me to pass along her thanks for the help. cheers, Jeff
Okay, this may sound odd, but I need an answer, my aunt was asking me some questions and she was looking for the name of a dessert, but all she was able to tell me was that it is made with strawberries and cream and has a ladies name. it's probably something that I should know and will be pretty funny when I here the name, but right now I can't think of anything. does anyone know the dish I'm talking about ?? cheers, Jeff =>
Hello everyone, this one is for those of you who are vegan particularly, but I won't discriminate when it comes to advice LOL :) . I have been invited to a vegan potluck dinner, I'm not even a vegetarian. I need a simple dish, but with my food alergies it needs to be something without onions or tomatoes for starters, plus I don't like celery,cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, peppers & pickles. any help is appreciated, cheers.
Anyone who graduated from Brocklehurst Secondary class of 1995. Please send a PM or email Thanks !!
Okay, just need to get some advice here. I am in a situation where I am looking for another job that I can work part time at to start and if things work out, perhaps make the transition from my current job to the new one. I don't feel right just walking away from one job and into another just like that. Plus I have eleven years invested in my job right now and don't want to take a wage cut to go to a different employer full time. But I have some family friends who insist...
I wouldn't figure anyone in the restaurant industry here in Kamloops makes that much, I could be mistaken, but that's my theory.
what is the proper pronunciation of this word seitan ??, I usually just pronounce it satan.
The worst though, is customers who couldn't cook their way out of a paper bag to save their souls, and yet they try to give the server the impression that they were trained in a five star kitchen. Like my friend, we went out for dinner one night and she had honey garlic wings, when the food was brought out to the table she picked up a wing, took one bite and in that voice reserved for a totally amazing dish, she's like, "MMM, they used real garlic on these wings". she...
Now this is the part of the show where we ask for a volunteer from the audience....... well actually I'm looking for a bunch of volunteers. i know it's been awhile since i last posted, but was hoping you folks could help me out a little. I'm working on a topic for my food talk radio show, and what I want to do is something called the airwaves cafe(name of the show) food trivia super challenge. the idea is that i'm going to get a couple of 'contestants' , actually other...
welcome aboard.
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