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It's down to the last two eh? Finally! If you go to the HK website you can see that the show is extremely popular by browsing the forum. Well, we'll see next week who wins. Later,
Stavrogin, Wow! Have you written books on bread? It sure sounds like it. The other day I made some wheat bread. It came out quite nicely. But it was a little dense. What was that you said about not punching down the dough? Is that why my bread is so dense? I have to get me a scale. Thanks for your insights and help.
OldSchool, I totally agree with your statements. I can't wait until tomorrow. Last week the broadcast didn't air because of some movie. Bah! Tomorrow night at 2100 hrs PST.
Thanks Jock, I got the recipe from this cheap bread book. I think the dough was maybe too dry too. Also, I was busy, that's why I overproofed the dough. I'll keep trying though. Thanks again.
Hey all, This is the link for ****'s Kitchen forum. I posted my first comments there under culinarymd.... http://forums.prospero.com/n/main.as...uest=y&lgnJR=1
Chrose, You are SOOOOO right! If only these TV executives would make a real show to showcase the real pressure of life in the kitchen. There is a lot more pressure in a civilian kitchen than an Army kitchen. I was quite overwhelmed when I worked in a nursing home. I thought that I was it. I found out quickly that I sucked. Since then I've acquired excellant knife skills and speeeed. You would absolutely kick butt in an Army kitchen. Everything is so regimented that...
I have a Culinar chef knife and bread knife. Also a Grand Prix III sutoku and paring knife. Although they are German, mine don't fail to cut wonderfully. I sharpen them myself and keep them honed with my steel. They also feel so natural in my hand.
As a retired Sr. Food Service Sergeant from the Army I can identify with anger in the kitchen. I've seen it and squashed it. Personally, I'm more like Diane. "Anger is selfish." If something goes amiss in the kitchen, like someone not showing up, or someone is behind on their dish, I wouldn't get angry. In the Army everyone knows the meal is the mission. So, we work together to get it done, take up the slack, whatever. There were times when supply didn't come...
April, Wow! My clock for this post says you were up at 0305 hrs. Now that's early. I did put the dough in the same container, in the same spot. However, the time of day and the temperature was different. So, over-proofing is most likely the culprit. Thanks for your help. You're awesome! Castironchef, I didn't know that you could control the humidity in the oven. Mmmm, do you mean like adding a pan of water or something like that? I am definitely going to purchase...
Pan, That was an intense game eh? My fiance won her bet that Miami would win. She has been for them since the beginning of the season. Well, like Tony said, Dallas will be back next year. Later,
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