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Hi Kyle, show me an example of a page where you are having trouble with captions showing up, and I will look at your source code. I typically use Dreamweaver (Mac)....instead of Frontpage. But HTML is HTML so I should be able to spot the problem.
I will keep an eye on this thread. If any of you have any specific web-dev questions or design issues, I do alot of web development and would love to offer up any support I can. Along the same lines, I am a huge advocate for Lynda Weinman's books. Her 'Designing Web Graphics' book is great, she is old-school....Her books give you a great handle on the basics.
We spent over a month in Rome, Naples, and Sicily last year, and have some super restaurant recommendations as well as hotel tips and maps posted at the URL below....Also, about a week before we left, I stumbled on the "Gourmet Travellers Guide to Italy" which added about 10 pounds to my carry-on, but was the best thing I brought on the entire trip. We found many great, off-the-beaten path places through that book. It is worth a trip to the Island of Ischia just to...
I make a giant batch of vanilla extract every year on Valentine's Day a.k.a Valentine's Brew. It is almost magical. It brews for the entire year until I make the next batch. I use it for everything. Baking, cooking, marinades, put a tablespoon in a pan over low heat, and the whole house smells delicious!
Ooooh. Grilled portobello mushroom on rustic bread with red pepper puree and gorgonzola butter!
Yes! I love her no fuss, doesn't have to be perfect, approach. I also love the photographs, I think they are done by the same photographer who shot the Donna Hay series. Very nice.
Can anyone recommend any 'definitive' food photography resources? I've seen a few of the books out there and stumbled on a couple sites but nothing that really floored me. Just want to make sure Im not missing anything obvious. -H
I just got a nice big shipment from Amazon... Nigella Lawson: Domestic Goddess Baking by Flavor : Lisa Yockelson Nigel Slaters: Real Food....I made an amazing stirfry from this one last night-the Pork with Lime Mint and Cashew.....THe picture looked so good, I couldn't resist. I swapped out the pork for tofu and added thin asparagus segments (we are vegetarian)..It was a big hit. Have any of you tried recipes from any of these....any...
Hmmm. The full fat versions I've tried were all bright white. It just seems to be the reduced fat ones...
Everytime I use a can of reduced-fat coconut milk I notice it seems to have a slight grey tint to it. I've tried a variety of brands (Trader Joe's, Thai Kitchen) and have had the same experience with all of them Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if you know what causes it? Thanks, Heidi
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