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cucumber peels work for ants, i have one potted pepper plant that had attracted a colony of fire ants, i brought home from work some peels & spread them around in the pot, they hate it.
My Mom had bought me a ristra in seattle a few years back & had it shipped to me, it dried out eventually, i still use it on the table. I am thinking about makeing some of my own as my peppers produce more.
Hi everyone, I just got some info on a part time gig doing cooking shows on sat. at sams club. Is there anyone here involved in this already who can give some feed back
carve watermelons into pirate jack o lantern type sculptures, make the mouths wide open, scoop out melon balls from the flesh & serve them out of the mouth, tie a bandanna around the heads of the melons, use knives & various props to decorate them into pirate themes
There is only one thing to do to a place like that , set it on fire. I worked on an island for 4 years, i was first at a private fine dining club, then went to the lil place nextdoor on the beach. The kitchen was so gross, the walk in door handle was encrusted, and the "reach in" side that butted against the end of the cutting board where they cut fish to order was crusted with at lease a year of ramdom fish flecks, i had to scrape the side of the "reach in" with...
Are you talking about the "Hamptons" on Long island in New York? If so, i suspect that $2000 a week would be way over priced, but i have not been there in about 10 years.
Well, she didn't even respond to my e mail, even tho i included a recipe, and offered to visit at some point in the future. Guess she doesn't need a chef that bad after all.
welcome charlie, i know how to make a cheese cake & not end up with the crack in the center, but you prolly do as well, drop a line , i am new as well, see ya later.
well, now i see that you were banned :bounce: oh god, what did you do ?
in any event, keep in touch & buy a spanish/english dictionary at walmart, actually get 2 one for work & one for your computer desk when mamasitas drop in on messenger from latin america & want to talk, most of them are actually college professers or some high end professional, because common people don't have computers in those countries, so for the most part they are quality folks looking to chat.
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