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He was an early member, an interesting and fun contributor to the CT community, but hasn't been around for several years.   Did he pass away?  Go away mad?     What? -    anybody know?   I miss him. Thanks for any info.   Mike  
Ummm....   Teamfat- that's a batch every nine days!   How big were these batches? If you can remember.   Mike  
Good point.   How about "Waffles n' Stuff" or ":Waffles and Things" ?   Mike
Brian-   We lived in Santa Barbara for six years and it was our observation that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING grows just fine in Southern California- if it can get water.   Mike   
Well, "Waffle Wagon" is my fave so far.   MIkeLM
BRAVO MIKE9 !     That's a wonderful-looking creation!   It speaks to me, 'cause that L in MikeLM stands for...Linahan.   MikeLM Erin go Bragh
I've always been disappointed trying to reheat fried items.   Finally settled on our convection oven preheated to 375* or so, wire rack in a sheet pan,  and have pretty good results with onion rings from our favorite restaurant, french fries, and fried calamari.      I'm going to try the cast-iron pan metrhod for future pizza leftovers.   MikeLM
Some years ago I served as consultant to the Port of Portland, OR as they planned a development similar to Jack London Square in Oakland CA. The Oakland management recounted the resistance they encountered from the first two restaurants as they added others.. until everybody noticed their own business increased with the addition of every new restaurant.  With every new one,JLS became more of a destination, with people putting off a specific decision until they got there...
Lenny-   You will be surprised how kind, helpful, and supportive this community is,  You would be well advised to stick around and lay some more questions on us.   Me, I can't help because I'm a rampant carnivore, but others certainly will.   Mike
Terry-   If you're a sausage enthusiast you have probably heard of or been to Randy Ream's Elburn Market; Elburn is about 45 miles east of the city, out Roosevelt Road if you want a nice drive in the  country, or out I-88 to Spring Green and up Illinois 47 if you are in more of a hurry.   His store walls are literally covered with framed awards for his sausages, especially his bratwurst. He does several varities of hot dogs, too.Absolutely everything he makes, though,...
New Posts  All Forums: