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Brian's link to the octopus supplier is  a very pretty display of these delicacies. Worth a look even if you're not in the market for any        http://www.octopusgardeninc.com/home.html     When we moved to Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle, my new neighbors taught me to skin dive and I happily did this at every opportunity.  A year later Jacques Cousteau arrived with the Calypso on his way to Alaska.  He appeared on local television and explained...
Hey, mimi...   how's that for a happy ending?!!!   Mike 
My father fed cattle on his hobby farm (he grew up on a real one, and missed it) and I pulled off many ears of young feed corn and cooked them.  They were delicious . As the corn matures they get a lot tougher, but the cattle don't seem to mind. Enjoy   Mike
I apologize, mimi. Sometimes my adolescent sense of humor leads me astray.   Mike  
Hey, 'machine...   Use whatever you want.  If you decide on diesel fuel, though, don't forget to add the anti-coagulent for wintertime, around about November.!   Mike  
ummmm...   I'm afraid your dog has Intestinal problems.    Mike Let's go someplace else for breakfast 
SEE?!!   I  told you the pros use USP mineral oil !   If you would like more information, look up the cutting-board research done and reported in peer-reviewed papers from the Food Services Department of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. They say   ...mineral oil     Mike   
Local Farmers Market had them for only $10 for a small box; just about 1/4 pound, so a little over $40 per pound, which in my limited experience is a pretty good price.     We'll saute them in butter with a mess of oyster and shiitake 'shrooms to stretch them out a bit. We won't be cooking them until tomorrow, so if anybody has suggestions, I'll be most grateful.   Mike  
What have you got against USP mineral oil?  It's what the pros use on their  boards, it never becomes rancid, and it can be safely ingested, in case you  want to lick your boards.   Mike 
New Posts  All Forums: