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I'm behind on my cooking agenda and haven't cooked the scallops yet; they are still frozen. I also haven't made up my mind on the exact procedure, so I'll describe whatever it finally is.   If it doesn't turn out well...    I'll lie.    Mike   Well, actually, I wouldn't do that. Somebody might duplicate the recipe.
I remember as a kid, visiting at my grandfather's house in the woods outside a town in northeast Missouri : he often told me that  if we were to encounter and "kill"  a rattlesnake, not at all uncommon around there, I was NEVER to touch or handle it in any way, as it could reflexively bite for a long time after its perceived death.     Guess that works for a lot of snakes.  Glad I never had to test it out.   Mike
SUMMER IN THE MIDWEST!     Our son had us over to celebrate Labor Day with meaty Baby back racks from Costco which he rubbed with a habanero-based dry mix and then slow-smoked for 4-1/2 hours  with just a touch of Hickory. It was served with a selection of sauces ranging from North Carolina to Memphis style. Almost better was the sun-ripened  corn on the cob, picked locally yesterday, soaked in water, and roasted in the  husk on the Barbie.  Slathered with butter, this...
If it is a weird stain of some kind, try my simmered dishwasher detergent recipe - 1/4" water, tsp of D/W detergent, simmer for a few minutes WITH VENT FAN ON HIGH.  That has taken out any stain that I have so far achieved, some of them pretty impressive.   If it's minor corrosion, do you guys think a fine automotive rubbing compound might work it out? With a lot of elbow grease.  If that works, then season it.   Mike
I'm grateful for the responses so far. Keep 'em coming;  I will cook these this weekend, so there's still time. I will definitely report back on my opinion of the quality, since at $18/lb they are way less expensive that the very nice ones at WF- in the upper $20's, usually.    Pete- I think you've pushed me off the bacon.  If they're as good as I'm hoping, then they are too good to be confused with bacon.  The coulis, though, strikes me as way more assertive than tartar...
"It's amazing what a difference there is between 5.8 and 6.1"   Well, it is a logarithmic scale...   Mike
Just got some nice-looking frozen sea scallops from TJ's and I'd like to make a production out of them. I'm pretty sure they are dry-pack- nothing but "scallop"  listed for ingredients. The TJ's staff didn't know.   Thinking along these lines...   Thaw overnight, rinse off, pat very dry. Bring to 122*F in my Mastercraft electric smoker, which can hold a temp very well. Not sure about smoke- see below   Wrap with my housemade bacon - almost cooked - which has plenty...
HOW'S THE FRENCH LAUNDRY???           on reflection- I gather you have to reserve about one year ahead of when you want to dine.   Wonder how the people with reservations for tonight feel?      Mike
Thank you  for this beautiful culinary travelogue, Koukou'!   Takes me back to our two, three-week vacation tours in Greece, including a week on Crete. They were conducted by a college professor of Greek extraction who spoke it like a native, and had been doing these groups for years. He had a roster of places to visit, lodge, and eat - many wonderful small mom-and-pop tavernas  where we ate inexpensively but very well: no steam tables.  We acquired a love of Greek food...
Really outstanding video... hope you will give us more. I'm going to try this for sure. Thanks Mike
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