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Well, we weren't nearly so sophisticated back in those days.   Mike
Just a coffee story...   Many years ago my father, in the U.S.State Department, was posted to  Liberia, on the west coast of Africa.  While there, they became very fond of the local coffee, and on returning to the States, they packed a large wooden crate with Liberian coffee beans. It must have been five of six bushels. (He held the rank of Minister - just below Ambassador - so they could get away with that.)   They put the crate in the basement and took out enough...
Exactly the place I need for advice!   Where can I get left-handed chopsticks??? I've been looking for these for years!   Mike  Thanks in advance
Of course you realize that Grey Poupon, America's favorite Dijon mustard, is made by Kraft Foods in New Jersey.      Trader Joe's Dijon, by contrast, is made in - of all places - Dijon, France.  So is their Grainy Dijon.   Another fascinating site - and attraction - is the National Mustard Museum in Middleton WI.  You should ask them if they have the Amora mustard inquired about upthread. If you're ever anywhere near Middleton, I strongly advise you to visit.  It's a...
He was an early member, an interesting and fun contributor to the CT community, but hasn't been around for several years.   Did he pass away?  Go away mad?     What? -    anybody know?   I miss him. Thanks for any info.   Mike  
Ummm....   Teamfat- that's a batch every nine days!   How big were these batches? If you can remember.   Mike  
Good point.   How about "Waffles n' Stuff" or ":Waffles and Things" ?   Mike
Brian-   We lived in Santa Barbara for six years and it was our observation that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING grows just fine in Southern California- if it can get water.   Mike   
Well, "Waffle Wagon" is my fave so far.   MIkeLM
BRAVO MIKE9 !     That's a wonderful-looking creation!   It speaks to me, 'cause that L in MikeLM stands for...Linahan.   MikeLM Erin go Bragh
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