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MaryB-   Could you give us some details on the making of your cottage bacon?  I think my son would like to have a go at a batch of that.   Thanks   Mike
Mike9-   How do they compare - in your taste - with Malpeques from PEI ?      I haven't had  Wellfleets that I recall, despite spending my first  thirty years on the East Coast.  I didn't go for raw oysters until I got older.  Oddly enough,  I first encountered the Malpeques in a hip seafood bar in Walnut Creek CA which had them always when in season.   They're pretty hard to find in the MIdwest.   Speaking of seafood, I of course grew up on the beautiful swimmer- ...
Google "Left Handers Club" and you might find something.  They have a lot of stuff they try to sell to us Southpaws...   Mike
Been a long time...   "...maybe I'll fry some chicken. Never done that in bacon fat."   It's been done...     Down the Road a Piece By Freddie Slack With the Will Bradley Trio, Freddie Slack If you want to hear some Boogie, then I know the place It's just an old piano and a knocked out bass The drummer man's a guy they call eight beat Mac You remember Doc and old Beat Me Daddy Slack Mammy's sellin' chicken fried in bacon grease Well come along with me boys it's...
If you want to approach "Country Ham" you will need to completely bury your whole, fresh hog leg (no foot) in coarse salt for ten days, then rinse and then hickory smoke for about four days, and you'll be well on your way.   All that's left is to hang it to dry out in a cool place - not refrigerated.   For about a year.   This is God's gift to your taste buds.  It's like Prosciutto, but a little different process and taste.   If you don't want to wait that long,...
Watched it for the  first time tonight.  Thoroughly enjoyed the travel, the food and cooking.  Good as Tony Bourdain.   Oddly, didn't strike me as particularly comedic. Maybe that's an association from his work on Raymond, which I never saw.   I'll be watching again.   Mike
Hope you'll post anything you find on Xavier Meier; that's my last name.  It means ""farm manager" in German.  My German ancestors arrived in 1848 and went to be cattle farmers in southeast Missouri for over 100 years.   Mike
Sorry for the inconsistency, Pete-   They seem to have dropped off the recipe over the years.  I'm not that keen about nuts anyway.  If you want them, I would suggest  English walnut halves as decorations.  Maybe some almonds in the fruit mix.   Trust me- the recipe is just delicious as it stands.     MIke
I'm sorry, K-girl...   I've always used the small cake tins.  I really don't know what size large pan would be appropriate.   I am  completely confident it will be the best  will  be best FRUITcake you have ever had, especially if you go HOUSTON PECAN COMPANY for your fruits and nuts supplies  just use a few of their pecan halves to decorate the top of the cakes for a nice crunch.   It will b a wonderful Christmas/New Years treat for the whole family. The only...
K-girl... I really think this is the one you're looking for.  The aluminum cake tins are a standard size- as I recall, about 5" wide by 8" long and 4" deep.   If you do the whole recipe you will get about 14 of them.  From my experience they will last at least 5 years if you can restrain your family that long.   They need to be moistened with bourbon, brandy, or sherry.    Actually, I use all three.     Mike   
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