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Interesting, after all this time. Could you give us a link - just as a matter of curiosity, since my Ekco is still going fine.   Thanks   Mike 
Just about like you would add water to potato chips to make 'em crisper.   Mike 
K-girl, I'm looking forward...   Mike
Welcome to Chef Talk, Chef Ashonti. A personal question if you don't mind:   are you by any chance from Ghana?   Mike
You have created a wonderful community here, Nicko, and I am grateful to be part of it.  Happy birthday, indeed!    Mike
Sounds like a lovely trip, k-girl, and I hope you continue to have so much fun. Great that you will share it with us.   Just an idle question... is that bucking bronco statue in Jackson Hole a real Remington, or is it a copy of his famous sculpture? (If you happen to know.)   Mike
Here's more on wood/bamboo cutting boards, including antibacterial properties.   http://www.ehow.com/about_6604085_bamboo-cutting-boards-bacteria.html   Mike
The knife-friendly status of wood is a given. Another aspect is sanitation.  My son has made and sold many wood boards and found several research reports from the Department of Food Sciences at the University of Wisconsin that concluded wood boards are more sanitary than plastic, rubber, or - God forbid - glass ones. Bamboo hadn't been introduced at the time. I don't know if there has been any research covering them. Probably worth a little looking around the web.   They...
I'm surprised you didn't get a response sooner - this community is generally very helpful, so stick around.   Both Costco and Sam's Cub carry a very nice 4-burner, rotiss, side-burner cabinet grill made by Grand Hall which is - surprise - Chinese. We had one for 17 years out in the weather, and were always pleased with its performance. Then our condo association outlawed open-flame grills because the local fire department thought there might be a fire hazard (there...
You should at least take a look at the Max Burton #6000 induction hot plate. It's 120v/1800w with a 10" dia. heating element and is 12-1/2" x 13" overall. That's about as much power as you can expect from a household electric circuit. You have to have a steel or iron pot: if a magnet will stick to the bottom, it will work on induction.  This rules out copper or aluminum. Shop around on the web and it's around $80 these days. It has versatile controls - you can pick any of...
New Posts  All Forums: