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Yeah, when we get canned tuna, Genova in olive oil is our choice.   Mike
Couple of things in particular...   My Missouri ancestors' home-smoked, cured, and aged ham, which I have described often here.  Have to get it from a Southern smokehouse, now.   A standby from my mother's family - also Missouri -  and a forever family favorite is "Greasy Old Spaghetti."   She would partially cook a big mess of spaghetti, put it in a baking pan in the oven, below a nice big pork roast on a rack, and roast the two until the pork was well done, letting...
Don't some of yor remember?  The Frugal Gourmet always used an 18" piece of 2 x 4 lumber.   Cheap and effective.   Mike   
Yeah, I vaguely remember that; you wrapped your meal in heavy foil, put it on the exhaust manifold, and drove until dinnertime.  That was before I became a foodie, so I never tried it.    Mike    
Phil-   Look through these research articles   Mike
A room-temp fridge is simply a storage cabinet.  You need a new/serviced refrigerator.   Mike   Is this a gag?  April Fool's was a couple days ago.   Mike
VERY impressive piece of engineering there, Eastshores!  Have you considered licensing it to Weber?  You could probably retire on the royalties.   Maybe, in a second edition, you could run the exhaust pipe up into it and have ready-to-eat wings when you arrived at your picnic spot.   Mike   
Wash, rinse very well, set it on edge to dry thoroughly; oiling is essential - but always use USP mineral oil.  Every nut or vegetable oil smells nice at first but will become rancid eventually. Best place to buy is any pharmacy... or you can buy some for a fancy price from  a board company.   Mike   This comes up over and over again
We took my wife's mother to a good local restaurant for Mothers Day- it was packed to the roof and service from the harried staff took forever.  We went a favorite local Irish restaurant for Saint Patrick's Day- the bar was full, the tables were full, the aisles were full. The servers couldn't get through and it was literally difficult to raise your drink to your mouth when we finally got served  I was probably the only one of Irish descent (my mother's side) in the...
I'm just delighted with the kind and useful responses: thank you all!   Several mentioned roasting low and slow...  we have an excellent electric smoker, and I'm starting to think about using that.  We cooked last Christmas' Prime Rib Roast in it for  4-1/2 hours and it was sensational. It was USDA Prime, and I know game is far leaner, so would I slather it with, say, pork fat, bacon drippings, bard it with fat strips, or what do you suggest? I could put a little smoke...
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