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Fun this thread is revived after about nine years!  Shows that ChefTalk never goes out of style.   Just want to mention that Trader Joe's carries a nice julienned SDT in olive oil.   Mike
"...that recipe for cheese sauce from Serious Eats looks amazing. "   Serious eats is, indeed, a seriously good foodie site. With CT it is my other go-to site for food and cooking.   Mike
Well, that was a complete bust.  We're snowed up to our knees and couldn't get together for the noshfest, and Seattle lost a heartbreaker.   Phooey   Mike
I'm with Koukou' - I don't like kale at all... except as the kale chips that Mike9 describes.   Wash, dry, trim stems, oil and salt and roast in a single layer on a rack in a 375* or so oven.  Lots of recipes on the net.   I hope you'll try that, Koukou' - these are tastier, crispier and even more fun than potato chips and... God help us... they're healthy!   Mike   You know, I'll bet even your kid will like them!  
Yesterday made a half-gallon of nice dark French onion soup so it will have a couple days to ferment before the Big One.   The National Chicken Federation or some such industry group has predicted Americans will consume one and one-quarter BILLION chicken wings on Sunday: we plan to do our part to ensure this quota is met.   We'll be rooting for the 'Hawks due to living four years near Seattle; we still miss it.  I spent twelve years around Boston attending various...
Back in the day when we lived on Puget Sound, geoducks were there, but not much harvested because they lurked 2-3 feet down in soupy sand and were very hard to dig up due to the sand collapsing as you dug.  You wound up squirming your entire arm down into the sand, with your cheek against the wet sand, and you had to get your hand under the critter to lift it.  If you pull on the siphon, it just breaks off.  We just went after the much easier clams, oysters, and sometimes...
Dharma'   OK, you've got us all on the edge of our seats...   Please let us know how it turned out!   Mike Well, if it was a disaster, you could lie a little!  
For openers, search this forum: there have been dozens of threads about starting a crepes business.   Mike Well, it's seemed like dozens
RP'-   Take a look at   http://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/DMT-C24.aspx   I'm sure they can supply something lightweight that will fill the bill.   I did a lot of backpacking back in the day and I sure understand the weight thing!   Mike   edit: Well, thinking about it, you're certainly at the opposite ends of the sharpening spectrum with an axe and a razor.  Also take a look at   http://www.leevalley.com/default.aspx   They have a lot of sharpening...
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, mjb.  And looking forward to those videos.   Mike
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