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See?!!  I was right- everybody but me is fixing to get into the crepe business.   Look at this and... eat your hearts out!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ5BU225P3A   Mike 
For goodness. sake, Nicko - I would never put porn or (much) profanity on ChefTalk.   It's a German drinking song celebrating the Hofbrau House, the monster bar/restaurant  in  Munich  My German isn't very strong, but I'm pretty sure this song is family-friendly. (If you don't speak German, I'm positive of it .) It seems appropriate for the Oktoberfest season.   Mike    By the way, the little toque icon on my message area says I'm a "new contributor."  After 13...
Very interesting thread, and kind of an old home week for me.  My father's forebears farmed in southeast Missouri since 1848; they wound up being very big in the Angus show cattle field.  AngusCattleman, you may have come across the MAFBlackcapmere bloodline- that was their most prominent champion sire. My late uncle  ran the farm until he retired around 1980 or so. The M in MAF is the same as the M in MikeLM.   www.Askthemeatman.com is the butcher/packer in Jackson, MO...
WOW, just WOW!   The outrage biz pays pretty well, doesn't it!   Mike 
As for the entirely reasonable suggestions that I eat someplace else... the restaurant is close, reasonable, and quite good, except for the garlic-wimpiness. So it's a self-imposed difficulty.    I'm interested to try the fried garlic flake suggestion. Can I buy them, or will I have to fry them myself?  Which I can certainly handle...   Thanks all   Mike
You can learn more about wasabi here,  Goldi   http://www.bing.com/search?q=wasabi+in+america&pc=MOZI&form=MOZSB    Sounds like you should take good care of it: one of the North American growers offers the real (domestic USA), dried wasabi powder for just... $170 per pound.    Have fun   Mike
You don't have to worry much about PETA's "outrage" over oysters, lobsters, clams, etc.  It's a publicity stunt, like most of their wacky complaints and crusades.     PETA is primarily a fund-raising machine, and the more outrageous their claim or purpose, the more publicity they get - and the more donations.  At their lavish headquarters in Norfolk, VA, they accept, for a fee, hundreds of dogs and cats each year for rescue, rehab, and adoption.  Most are killed, which...
FF - if I sounded upset or offended, I certainly wasn't.  A little surprised, maybe, as I haven't been exposed to this advertising wrinkle before.  I should have expressed myself more carefully.    Mike
Hey, FF - I said I didn't know anything about those sites   but actually, for an elaborate, undercover ad program, it looks like it might be interesting.   I'm going to stick around there, at least for a while. Maybe not long, as I no longer have any tolerance for commercials.  I won't listen to any TV or radio program without having a "mute" button. Maybe they've found a way to get me to listen to a commercial!   Mike 
Open a bottle of beer, turn your speakers up, and SING!   http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=im+munchen+steht+ein+hofbrauhaus+german+free&qpvt=im+munchen+steht+ein+hofbrauhaus+german+free&FORM=VDRE#view=detail&mid=AB5D7BDF626D256AD419AB5D7BDF626D256AD419   Prosit!   Mike 
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