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Chris, thanks!   This is high on my to-do list.   Mike
Chris-   I'm struck by your polenta fries in #21. Is there more to them than thick polenta, set up, sliced, sauteed in butter or bacon grease?  I'd like to play with your gorgonzola cream sauce, too; any secrets there?   My only thought is the bacon fat might conflict if I go with the sauce.  I'm inclined to stay with butter to saute if I have the sauce.   Thanks for any advice   Mike
OWWW! - K-girl   just caught up to your accident.  You have my deepest sympathy and hopes for a speedy recovery.  Get well quick.   Mike   Same thing happened to me a couple years ago, but only minor lumps and bumps. Those dogs can really lunge!
Risen'  -   In your OP you said you would heat the shaft to help remove the gear.  This is backwards.   You wanted to heat the gear - to make it expand - and try not to heat the shaft, so it doesn't expand. Now that you're reassembling, put the shaft in your freezer for an hour or so (I'm assuming it will fit) to get it slightly shrunk, and heat whatever pieces you want to slide onto the shaft. That may help a lot.  This method of assembly is called a...
Yes-  I'd go with Millions' on this one.   Mike
I happened upon a VitaMix demo at a Costco while I was visiting in Reno and was so impressed (and liked the special price) that I bought it and lugged it home to Chicago. My wife was stunned when I told her the price, but a couple of really nice frozen daiquiris calmed her down.   We have not been disappointed in the past five or so years. Soups, dips, frozen cocktails, and a LOT of smoothies later, it's still going strong.  It's a little hard to empty completely with...
We had a Memorial Day barbecue for eight people, and made this anything-goes salad...   http://abc7chicago.com/archive/7408848/   This recipe made plenty for at least 16 people as a side, so be careful; we had a lot left over.   We added other ingredients after the Garbage Salad served at Gatto's, another suburban Chicago restaurant:   can of hearts of Palm, cut into 1" lengths can of sun-dried tomatoes, cut to 1" strips, and some of the oil.     TJ's has a nice...
I certainly admire your bu... results!   Nice color both inside and out.   Our son had us over for seven hour-smoked baby backs and we brought a Chicago-style Garbage Salad which I will describe later in detail.  It's more of an antipasto than just a chopped salad, and it was very well received.   Mike
Koukou'-   I would appreciate your take on the Cowgirl baked beans- the recipe looked pretty good to me.   And - I hope all that advice...  um... saved your butt!    Mike   How could I possibly resist that?
VERY impressive...   If your wife walks in and says     "How many pounds of garlic did you use for this batch?"    You must be on the right track!   On the amount of garlic, not about bugging your wife.   Mike
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