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mjb-     I for one would love to see you and your team in action.   Again, my deepest respect and our hopes for a really great Christmas for you and your family!   Mike     
Well, mjb...   Personally, I don't include garlic in my stocks because it may cut down a little on the versatility of the stored stock.  There might be a dish using the stock that doesn't want garlic (though as a heavy-duty garlic freak I can scarcely imagine this .)  So, I put in the garlic as needed later.   Mike LOTS and LOTS of garlic
Another treatise and recipe on stock from a slightly overheated nutrition enthusiast:   http://wellnessmama.com/5888/how-to-make-bone-broth/   This is virtually the recipe my Mother-in-Law used starting close to 100 years ago.  Pretty much what the Frugal Gourmet recommended, including roasting the bones. The  MIL may have simmered it for 40 hours originally, but by the time I knew her, it was 30 minutes at 15psi...    Works perfectly fine in the pressure...
Some years ago I used a website to get info and recommendations about restaurants as we traveled.  This was a couple of computers ago, and I can't remember what it was.   Could some of you direct me to an equivalent Site?  My son in driving from Chicago to Lubbock TX in the next couple of days and I'd like to give him some suggestions.   Thanks for your help.   Mike
I'm with teamfat   "Best cornbread is baked in a heavily buttered cast iron skillet. And yes, cheese, jalapenos, onions and such..."   We like the red-hot iron skillet approach, though we favor bacon grease as the base.  Plenty of time for lots of butter at the table.  All those adds. Crumbled bacon is good too; add enough stuff and you've got a meal.   We use the ATK recipe for Southern-style (not-sweet) cornbread, making it with Bob's Red Mill brand stone-ground...
Well, I guess that's nice, Luc, but... what are all those funny squiggles and dots that are over the letters in your post?  Maybe you should get your computer cleaned!   Mike      Just kidding and... Best Christmas wishes to you, too, and a Happy New Year!  
Boy, you guys have to do everything in two languages, don't you!    Seriously, your O Canada is one of  THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Anthems I am aware of.  You can play it for me any time, any place!   Mike   (I can't salute, but will come to attention)
hahsgyahba...   I'm sorry, but your aspiration/dream scares the hell out of me. In the extremely unlikely event you could get financing, you are not remotely equipped to make a successful venture in this hugely demanding business.  I've started a couple of businesses - one still operating after thirty or so years - that are vastly simpler than operating a restaurant.  I could hock my house, and was well qualified to write a professional business plan, and I got thrown...
I went to pre-Castro Havana four or five times- it was the greatest liberty port I ever hit. You could get into more trouble, for less money, that any other place I ever visited.     If it's still going, go to Sloppy Joe's bar and grill,  and order their signature sandwich (not a Cubano which has become popular at Cuban-themed restaurants here) but the Especial which was a two-inch pile of cured meats, cold cuts, and cheeses on the wonderful Cuban rye bread. Don't...
Teamfat-   You mentioned "a church" in your first post.  Would that happen to be a Mormon Church?  I've known just a few, but have been deeply impressed.   Just curious.   Mike
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