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When my wife ran the office for the 26-unit Sizzler and Dock's chains in the Chicago area, we got passes for the NRA  every year, and always had a ball.  Have to admit, though, we were more interested in the samples than the technical aspects of the show.    I miss it.   Mike
Chris- Enjoyed your post and the reference. To quote Alice..."this gets curiouser and curiouser"   Maybe the operative words in the quote are asking for my lady’s bank details.   Is this a routine scam to get the details to loot a bank account, or a rather sophisticated way to get the gullible to buy a lot of hugely-overpriced cakes/candies?   Or both?   Waiting with bated breath for the next installment.    Mike   In the meantime, I probably won't be...
Phil- This is kind of intriguing, and I guess it's not uncommon on the net. You mention "strong evidence..."   and I note the join dates of several of the posters on this thread.  Is there some other significant evidence?  That you can discuss?   I love a mystery!   Mike
Enjoyed a recent gag post (hope it wasn't on here!) that showed an earthquake-shattered store wine department, with broken bottles everywhere and the floor flooded with wine. The caption below...        "Earthquake strikes Trader Joe's wine department.   Damage may approach $27.50"   Actually I'm a big fan of TJ's wines and practically everything else they offer.   Mike
WOW... the foods of my dreams!   Well, nightmares, actually.   The captions, though, are genius,   Mike
Our first few years - Navy, grad school - we didn't have space/money for anything permanent, but when we got our first house we chose Villeroy & Boch for its reputation of restaurant-service durability. We chose their Manoir pattern in plain white, and have been abusing it ever since.  It's held up really well and we've picked up a few serving pieces in the Twist Alea pattern which has a nicely colored rim.  I haven't the faintest idea what Twist Alea means, but we think...
Teamfat-   Did you get the sausage-stuffing nozzle with that?   Mike
Cook'...   I've been on this forum as long as almost anybody, and I have virtually no impression of snarkiness or whatever.  Members are helpful, interested, and almost always polite.  I do remember a few times whan a Moderator would admonish somebody in terms of "hey, we don't do that here..." and that seemed to be the end of it.   Actuially,  I got admonished once, but that was because my comments were judged a little too strongly political- so I dropped it. ...
Hoo boy-  that's Greek to me!    What you're talking about is seedless raspberry pulp; one of the pros here will probably know the proper term for this.   Wish I could come and try this menu!   Mike 
Teamfat-   Your garlic bacon sounds so good... we put one in to cure day before yesterday.  Lots of pureéd fresh garlic in the rub. Expect to let it go for five days, then into an electric smoker at low temp.    What do you like for smoke for this recipe?  We can pick from hickory, oak, maple, apple, pecan, alder (that's really for the salmon) or a couple others. We're out of grapevines, though.   Speaking of curing generally, the best BBQ I've ever had was from a...
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