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I'm still a little confused.   You are talking about a group of the residents, and not some level of local government, aren't you? I've had experience with paying building permit fees and inspection fees to the local government, but I have never heard of a residents'  board charging a fee.   Guess I won't be retiring to Canada, after all.    Mike
Foodpump -   Would never have guessed -   You are describing the functions of the Board of Directors... of a Homeowners Association.  Having been Pres of my condo association Board for two years, I have a good idea what you're talking about, but I've never heard that term in any way associated with a condo association. For geology and clouds and omelets, yes.  Boards of Directors, no.   Any idea how the term "strata" came to be applied to this?   Mike  
Garlic isn't good-  garlic is transcendental.  It is the stuff of life;  it is the music of the spheres, it is the icing on the ca... well, maybe not on the cake, but the icing on the staff of life...   Um... This metaphor is getting out hand, but garlic must be respected and play a prominent role in our holiday productions!   WELL, to sum up, I apply garlic wherever I can. With the exception of a few desserts.   Try it, you'll like it!   Agree,or my wife who shares...
Interesting list... didn't spend time to review all.  Notice they had oysters, but not Mountain Oysters. Should be added.   I lived in west Africa for a year when I was a kid.  My father, in the State Department, was the head of an economic development mission in Liberia; once we were invited to dinner at a village chief's home.  We had a nice meal of stew.  As we left, my father asked the chief what was in the stew and the chief replied "tree antelope."   Later my...
When we lived in southern California, we once had a big lamb dinner and fed our dog the leftovers, including a lot of fat.  It gave her gas that smelled like the end of the world, and we had to lock her out of the house for three days and nights. It was good we were in SoCal, if we had been back in Chicago she might have frozen to death.   She was heartbroken and couldn't understand- what did she do?? We felt terrible but there was no way we were going to live with what...
ChefEd-   Speaking as a cat person, I think what you do is wonderful.  You have my deepest respect.   Mike
FrenchFries -   That's a hilarious post!   I know what "systeme D" means     and your lashup certainly exemplifies it.   Mike
Foodpump-   "strata" is a term  I don't know.  What is it?   Thanks   Mike
"...I used to live in Virginia as well"   Well, KouKou', I guess that's why we didn't notice any country hams in Greece. In  Virginia... you must be familiar with the Smithfield product then. Not bad, but I like to explore the artisanal producers. My ham will be here next week, unless we get snowed in, and I'm ready to start carving!   Hope you have an exciting culinary Christmas!   Mike
Helvis-   Can't even begin to guess costs from the description you've given.  How thick is the slab?  Reinforced? How long is the run?   All I can tell you- there's concrete saws and jackhammers in your future.   Good luck.   Mike
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