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Well, Luis...   I took your survey and, as ff-girl said, it was easy to get through. I hope enough others from this community will give you a hand to really help out!   I found it hard to discern the focus of the questions,  as you described it in your posts above.   So- I'm looking forward to seeing your results and conclusions.   Good luck.   Mike
It's a nice problem to have...   I want to spend Sunday afternoon playing in the kitchen, and wonder what to do that might incorporate several of these ingredients, or preferably all of them.  I can certainly do Cajun with the chicken and Andouille, but how could I use all of them at once?  I think first of some pasta dish, but if any of you have some ideas, I would appreciate hearing them!   Thanks   Mike        
So, I gather that a chance for any of us to try a little bit of real Argan oil is not great?     MIke
Well after all- they start Tabasco out by grinding the peppers and the vinegar into a mash, fill oak barrels, and set these barrels out in the Gulf Coast weather for three years.  If it had any tendency to spoil, it woulda spoiled by then! Then they mix the aged mash with salt, bottle it, and it's off to the four corners of the world.   We visited the plant on Avery Island LA some years ago: they took us out behind the plant, and the barrels seemed to stretch to the...
I can't really answer that because it's been so long since I've made stock by simmering.  We do roast the bones and veggies to a nice dark brown, and I let the PC cool down to room temp rather than running it under cold water.  It usually turns to a soft gel when it's cooled, if I've used enough bones, and I think the flavor is great.  Any skimming obviously happens after the PC in opened.   Mike
Actually, the lady's recipe I linked to wants two days-   Beef broth/stock: 48 hours Chicken or poultry broth/stock: 24 hours Fish broth: 8 hours This doesn't sound unreasonable for a gently-simmered, flavorful stock.    Me, I go thirty minutes in the PC.   Mike
Not exactly- because if he is in Denver, elevation about 6,000 feet, simmering isn't cooking it nearly as fast as he thinks if he's using a sea-level recipe without adjustment.   Mike     Although if he is in Denver he's probably noticed that by now.
That's a list of all the restaurants along a given route- no recommendations.  It's helpful, but I'm still looking for some guidance.  My son will be heading back to Chicago  towards the end of the week.   Mike
tiemu-   I really can't understand this.  Stock-making isn't black magic, or even really hard.  Do you use plenty of bones?  Roast them? A few peppercorns? Yellow onions and their skins?  Couple chicken feet if you're really desperate?    Use the recipe I linked to and simmer for a day-and-a-half like she does or 30 minutes in the pressure cooker like I do.   Dammit-  do that and you can't avoid having a nice broth!    But - what you describe - "couple chicken pieces...
I'm like eastshores- never heard of the stuff.   I looked it up and found one source that supplies it... mixed with sugar!   I don't see why I should pay a fancy price for honey adulterated with sugar.  Adding to the amusement, one of their selling points it that it keeps very well.  That might be a big plus for anybody that doesn't know that honey is the one natural food that keeps... forever.    Archaeologists have found pots of honey in Egyptian tombs, and have...
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