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Nifty photo/food essay, Jon. It gave me a sudden longing to have this for breakfast.   Anybody have any idea where I could find such a kipper in the Chicago area, preferably the western suburbs?   Though I will accompany them with a nice, sour-mash breakfast beverage.   Mike   Where in Scotland, exactly, do they make Wild Turkey?
"...when it comes to actual baking exact measurements become much more critical."   Yeah, as the Froogle Gourmet said over and over -   "Cooking is an art, but baking is a science."   Mike
I would suggest that, in addition to the cloth, you use a small piece of wood - say, a 6" piece of 2 x 4 -  to cushion the pan from your sledgehammer.  It would be a good idea to do this on a concrete floor - garage or basement - and not your kitchen tile floor.   Good  luck   Mike
I hope 'Cookie is on the way to solving this...   Some general remarks about cutting boards-   When my son was starting his cabinet/furniture-making business, he found that making cutting boards was a way to generate some quick cash flow. He used enough material to justify buying a semi-tralier load of hard maple cut-offs from an installer of bowling alleys! Since they were scraps, the price was right, and they were quite usable for boards.   He also did some...
Hey, don't forget squirrel. I know they're not as dramatic as wild boar but, chicken-fried, they can be pretty good.   Mike 
'Cookie- That's a tough one. I can tell you several FDA-approved foodsafe glues, but filler??  Don't know of such a thing (not to say it doesn 't exist, but I've never heard of such a situation.)   Another problem occurs to me- if increased summer humidity somehow affecte the wood so it closes the gap, and you've filled that gap with something that won't compress, it seems this would set up stresses adjacent to the split as the wood tries to return to its former...
I read a day or so ago that the Russian authorities had advised the Olympians not to wear their team uniforms outside the stadiums, given the worries about terrorists.   Those American uniforms- I'd advise not wearing them on Michigan Avenue here in Chicago.    Mike
'Cookie-   I apologize; obviously I didn't read your OP very carefully.  I can understand how a 450-lb block would be  little awkward in the dishwasher.  I wrote my post visualizing an ordinary kitchen board, not an industrial-size block.   That makes my advice "just throw it away" a little too flip, too.  If the manufacturer stiffs you on a replacement, we need to discuss how to fix it. There's some pretty good woodworking experience aviailable on this site as well as...
 'Cookie -   You need a humidifier to keep the humidity in your house at 35 percent or a little higher.  With that level, you will be comfortable at a somewhat lower temperature, and save a little on your heating bill.   Your cracked cutting board is not only defective, it's a health hazaqrd. (You didn't run it through the dishwasher, did you?)  Any crack is where the microbes and bacteria hang out.    A wood board should never crack if you take proper care of it. If...
Only was I like parsnips is to slice lengthwise in 1/8" planks (I use a  mandolin) and sautee them in olive oil until they show some nice brown, but still have crunch. A little garlic in the oil doesn't hurt.   Mike
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