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ChefEd-   Speaking as a cat person, I think what you do is wonderful.  You have my deepest respect.   Mike
FrenchFries -   That's a hilarious post!   I know what "systeme D" means     and your lashup certainly exemplifies it.   Mike
Foodpump-   "strata" is a term  I don't know.  What is it?   Thanks   Mike
"...I used to live in Virginia as well"   Well, KouKou', I guess that's why we didn't notice any country hams in Greece. In  Virginia... you must be familiar with the Smithfield product then. Not bad, but I like to explore the artisanal producers. My ham will be here next week, unless we get snowed in, and I'm ready to start carving!   Hope you have an exciting culinary Christmas!   Mike
Helvis-   Can't even begin to guess costs from the description you've given.  How thick is the slab?  Reinforced? How long is the run?   All I can tell you- there's concrete saws and jackhammers in your future.   Good luck.   Mike
...you just brought up some good memories of home.   Glad to be helpful, koukou' - as a matter of interest, you're talking about Greece, I suppose? Didn't know about cured hams in Greece: I missed them while I was there. Could you tell us a little about that tradition? Not that we weren't paying attention - ever since our first vacation there, we have purchased our olive oil by the gallon.   Speaking of ham tradition, I have read that country hams in Vermont are cured...
What makes Christmas special for me is a whole smoked and aged country ham. We've been getting one every Christmas for well over 30 years, formerly from a family-run smokehouse in Cape Girardeau, MO.  They take the leg of a hog, bury it in salt for two weeks, then coat with pepper, smoke over hickory for 2-3 days, then hang it to dry for a year. These are done throughout the South. Smithfield is the best known and widely-marketed brand, but it's pretty industrial (but not...
Thanks all for the info.  I'm pretty sure the pan was SS, but I'll ask him tomorrow.   Mike
Hayden-   On a completely different topic-   If you're a dog lover, you must see   http://www.bighoneydog.com/   It's an engaging, moving and amusing long-running story of life with a Great Dane.   The family recently moved to Perth.   If you encounter a beautiful Chinese lady walking an enormous Great Dane - you've found them. I've followed her blogs for several years: if you introduce yourself - tell her Mike in Illinois suggested you say hello - I'm quite...
This company makes a dozen or so hot sauces that actually have distinct flavors (after you get past the heat.) They're available online   http://www.mariesharp.com/   In contrast to Tabasco, which is just peppers, salt, and vinegar, her sauces have from eight to twelve or fourteen ingredients.  You have to be able to handle the heat though; if you can't, your tonsils will fall out before you get the flavor. All  contain varied amounts of habanero.   Our son became a...
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