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Chef T-   Nice piece of work.  The brickwork I think I understand, but could you tell us a little more about the upper portion?   How is it constructed, and is it hollow to conduct heat through the wall? And, what does "Cob" oven mean? A national style off cooking, or what?   Thanks   Mike
Chris- Thanks for your response.  Your chicken/morel recipe is in the file for trying very soon.   Steve- Thank you as well.  I've looked at the several "truffle" oils at the local Whole Foods.  None listed truffle in the ingredient list...     My son turned up a recipe which we'll be trying:   http://www.yummly.com/recipe/external/Roasted-Kale-with-Garlic-and-Truffle-Oil-515002   I just happen to love crisp, roasted kale (as opposed to kale in any other form)...
Pollo'-   There are samples of EVERYTHING you can serve in a restaurant. Don't eat anything for at least two days before you go, and you may be able to try almost all that are on offer!   Mike   But only if you spend all day.
Today I will score a modest amount of house-made truffle oil from one of Chicago's top restaurants, and I need advice as how best to utilize it. I've never used it before.   For openers, I'm thinking a pasta dish - capellini probably with some EVOO-sauteed morels, garlic, with the truffle oil sparingly added at service; parsley garnish and a sprinkle of Parm.  Could I fit some capers in here, or would that be overdoing it?   I'll greatly appreciate having the advantage...
Yeah, on a trip from Chicago to Knoxville, we went out of our way  to go into downtown Cincinnati to sample the famed "chili five ways" at the Skyline Restaurant, which we understood to be the temple of that Cincy staple. Poorest chili I've ever eaten.  Overcooked, limp spaghetti; watery, tasteless chili; gluey, Velveeta-esq grated cheese; and I don't even remember a couple of the other traditional ingredients. And, the serving was pretty small.  On a positive note,...
Looks like we've lost Cook for Life.  That's too bad.   Mike
Jevan, you must have a very equitable temperament.  I don't think just four beers would have even begun to restore me after a day like that!   Mike
When my wife ran the office for the 26-unit Sizzler and Dock's chains in the Chicago area, we got passes for the NRA  every year, and always had a ball.  Have to admit, though, we were more interested in the samples than the technical aspects of the show.    I miss it.   Mike
Chris- Enjoyed your post and the reference. To quote Alice..."this gets curiouser and curiouser"   Maybe the operative words in the quote are asking for my lady’s bank details.   Is this a routine scam to get the details to loot a bank account, or a rather sophisticated way to get the gullible to buy a lot of hugely-overpriced cakes/candies?   Or both?   Waiting with bated breath for the next installment.    Mike   In the meantime, I probably won't be...
Phil- This is kind of intriguing, and I guess it's not uncommon on the net. You mention "strong evidence..."   and I note the join dates of several of the posters on this thread.  Is there some other significant evidence?  That you can discuss?   I love a mystery!   Mike
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