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For goodness. sake, Nicko - I would never put porn or (much) profanity on ChefTalk.   It's a German drinking song celebrating the Hofbrau House, the monster bar/restaurant  in  Munich  My German isn't very strong, but I'm pretty sure this song is family-friendly. (If you don't speak German, I'm positive of it .) It seems appropriate for the Oktoberfest season.   Mike    By the way, the little toque icon on my message area says I'm a "new contributor."  After 13...
Very interesting thread, and kind of an old home week for me.  My father's forebears farmed in southeast Missouri since 1848; they wound up being very big in the Angus show cattle field.  AngusCattleman, you may have come across the MAFBlackcapmere bloodline- that was their most prominent champion sire. My late uncle  ran the farm until he retired around 1980 or so. The M in MAF is the same as the M in MikeLM.   www.Askthemeatman.com is the butcher/packer in Jackson, MO...
WOW, just WOW!   The outrage biz pays pretty well, doesn't it!   Mike 
As for the entirely reasonable suggestions that I eat someplace else... the restaurant is close, reasonable, and quite good, except for the garlic-wimpiness. So it's a self-imposed difficulty.    I'm interested to try the fried garlic flake suggestion. Can I buy them, or will I have to fry them myself?  Which I can certainly handle...   Thanks all   Mike
You can learn more about wasabi here,  Goldi   http://www.bing.com/search?q=wasabi+in+america&pc=MOZI&form=MOZSB    Sounds like you should take good care of it: one of the North American growers offers the real (domestic USA), dried wasabi powder for just... $170 per pound.    Have fun   Mike
You don't have to worry much about PETA's "outrage" over oysters, lobsters, clams, etc.  It's a publicity stunt, like most of their wacky complaints and crusades.     PETA is primarily a fund-raising machine, and the more outrageous their claim or purpose, the more publicity they get - and the more donations.  At their lavish headquarters in Norfolk, VA, they accept, for a fee, hundreds of dogs and cats each year for rescue, rehab, and adoption.  Most are killed, which...
FF - if I sounded upset or offended, I certainly wasn't.  A little surprised, maybe, as I haven't been exposed to this advertising wrinkle before.  I should have expressed myself more carefully.    Mike
Hey, FF - I said I didn't know anything about those sites   but actually, for an elaborate, undercover ad program, it looks like it might be interesting.   I'm going to stick around there, at least for a while. Maybe not long, as I no longer have any tolerance for commercials.  I won't listen to any TV or radio program without having a "mute" button. Maybe they've found a way to get me to listen to a commercial!   Mike 
Open a bottle of beer, turn your speakers up, and SING!   http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=im+munchen+steht+ein+hofbrauhaus+german+free&qpvt=im+munchen+steht+ein+hofbrauhaus+german+free&FORM=VDRE#view=detail&mid=AB5D7BDF626D256AD419AB5D7BDF626D256AD419   Prosit!   Mike 
Dangit, Teamfat-   You got no business pumping us up like that and then leaving us hanging with no directions!  Please go immediately back to WI and tell us how to find this stuff. Mike
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