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Speaking of going according to plan, or not...   I ordered a country ham for Christmas as I have for the last thirty-odd years. It was UPS'ed from a western Kentucky smokehouse around Dec. 11 and arrived... today.  Today is two days after Christmas.   Fortunately, we went to Plan B as described above a couple days before the big one. The upside is- the guests have all gone home, and now I have this 18-pound country ham all for myself.   It's gonna be a really tasty...
Well, it turned out not merely great but sensational!  Seasoned rub, lightly smoked for about 4 hours at 225*, rested 30 minutes, then blasted a few minutes in a 500* oven and served with a roasted bones and oxtail jus.  It was a wonderful meal, a perfect medium rare throughout; have some of leftovers.         Thank you all for your advice and suggestions.   Merry Christmas!   Mike
one of our veterinarian's favorite meals he had with us before his passing."   Teamfat...       you saying you used this recipe to kill him?   Not sure that's exactly what I'm looking for.   But, thanks anyway.   Mike
Got it from one of the area's premier butcher shops. Could have made a respectable down payment on a new car with the money.   I would really appreciate some knowledgeable suggestions on how to make the most of this thing between now and Christmas day. Not looking for complex, fancy-schmancy stuff. Just really good prep suggestions to make it simple and memorable.  Will probably smoke with apple.   Thanks all.   Mike
While there are hardly any bad ideas for using Dungeness crab, mixing it into something complicated and with other strong flavors may be one of them. Garlic, though, is always a good accompaniment:   Prepare a slurry of garlic and room-temp butter and let sit an hour or so. Boil or steam the live crabs just until they've calmed down; remove and let cool enough to handle. Take them apart and clean the bodies. With a mallet, break the shells pretty thoroughly, then rub the...
"What? No garlic Ice Cream?????   Good question.   It's my understanding that Garlic Ice Cream is a staple of the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, Calif., which bills itself as "The Garlic Capital of the World."   Sadly, I've never attended.   Mike
No question about it-   I love garlic, don't like catsup.   Really keen insight.   Mike 
Ivey-   I'm really glad to hear that.  The picture of an Ivy grad who didn't know how to spell it was pretty disturbing.   Koko' -   Sounds good, but I'm put off because I've read most truffle oils (if not all ) are synthetic. All the ones I could check at Whole Foods, were, anyhow.   Mike
Matter of fact, I've done that: I designed a large "planned community" near Santa Barbara. I had a good deal of park and open space, and I set up three Homeowners Associations to take care of them back when these were pretty rare.  And did a two-year stint as President of the Board of Directors of our condo association here in Burr Ridge, so I'm quite familiar with it all... except collecting fees, which I've never encountered..  Not saying it's a bad thing (except to the...
IveyLeaguer -   How about trying James Beard's recipe for Steak Mirabeau, using a neutral oil instead of butter. It's a porterhouse or strip steak broiled, then topped with anchovies mashed and lightly sauteed in (butter) and sliced green olives.   By the way, which Ivey League are you associated with?   Mike
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