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...you just brought up some good memories of home.   Glad to be helpful, koukou' - as a matter of interest, you're talking about Greece, I suppose? Didn't know about cured hams in Greece: I missed them while I was there. Could you tell us a little about that tradition? Not that we weren't paying attention - ever since our first vacation there, we have purchased our olive oil by the gallon.   Speaking of ham tradition, I have read that country hams in Vermont are cured...
What makes Christmas special for me is a whole smoked and aged country ham. We've been getting one every Christmas for well over 30 years, formerly from a family-run smokehouse in Cape Girardeau, MO.  They take the leg of a hog, bury it in salt for two weeks, then coat with pepper, smoke over hickory for 2-3 days, then hang it to dry for a year. These are done throughout the South. Smithfield is the best known and widely-marketed brand, but it's pretty industrial (but not...
Thanks all for the info.  I'm pretty sure the pan was SS, but I'll ask him tomorrow.   Mike
Hayden-   On a completely different topic-   If you're a dog lover, you must see   http://www.bighoneydog.com/   It's an engaging, moving and amusing long-running story of life with a Great Dane.   The family recently moved to Perth.   If you encounter a beautiful Chinese lady walking an enormous Great Dane - you've found them. I've followed her blogs for several years: if you introduce yourself - tell her Mike in Illinois suggested you say hello - I'm quite...
This company makes a dozen or so hot sauces that actually have distinct flavors (after you get past the heat.) They're available online   http://www.mariesharp.com/   In contrast to Tabasco, which is just peppers, salt, and vinegar, her sauces have from eight to twelve or fourteen ingredients.  You have to be able to handle the heat though; if you can't, your tonsils will fall out before you get the flavor. All  contain varied amounts of habanero.   Our son became a...
Hayden-   I'd really appreciate some details on your salmon bacon.   I would think, off the top of my head:  thin-sliced, cured with a rub, then smoked. If you give me a little help, I'm going to try it.  Looks like you use it as a garnish.   Thanks for help.    Mike
My son just made Alton Brown's tomato sauce:   http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/tomato-sauce-recipe/index.html   He added to the recipe a couple tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar... and the white onions turned a bright blue.   I'd be interested to know what chemistry might be involved here. Halloween's over, otherwise I might suspect witchcraft.   Mike   
But it's winter, Koukou'. Whatnots aren't in season.   Mike    
OoohhhhKay...   Tell us about "sappers."    I know the military engineers definition, but I suppose that's not what you have in mind.   MIke
never mind
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