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"a method of tossing them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roasting them with garlic in the oven."   All right Koukou', you've talked me into another B sprout attempt.  Who knows, maybe I'll wind up healthy after all. You recommend 350*, or higher? Mince the garlic and sprinkle?   Mike 
Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts in Mustard Sauce   1/3     cup       Dijon mustard 1        Tbsp     honey 3        Shallots, sliced thin 2        cloves   garlic, minced 2        Tbsp     butter 1        Tbsp     EVOO     (h/t Rachel) 1/2     cup       dry sherry 1-1/2  pounds  Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved 1        cup       chicken stock S & P   Mix the mustard and honey, set aside Heat the butter and oil in the wok over medium heat; add the shallots...
We think the skins are the best part of any potato;  haven't peeled one in forty years.   Saved a lot of time, too.   Mike
MORE on the wonderful Dungeness crab, from an industry source   http://www.seafoodbusiness.com/articledetail.aspx?id=10737419268   seems like a lot of people feel as I do.   Mike
MIGOD Joey... how much mescal did you have to drink to accumulate all those worms?    Mike
Thanks, Jaidyn...  it's a nice, idiomatic slang phrase, but I guess I can't use it around here since nobody will have any idea what I'm talking about.   I guess our phrase that best matches that is "pulling your leg."   It's fun how slang varies from country to country, and even between regions in the same country.   Mike   edit: I didn't do too well, slang-wise: I had the idea that "diggers" referred to Aussies generally, but looking it up, I see it's specifically...
Emeril's garlic soup. Google it; if you're a heavy-duty garlic freak like me, you will double the amount of garlic.    Just don't breathe around anybody for about a week.   Mike  
they're taking the mickey...   Colorful local phrase, Jaidyn, but you're going to have to explain it us non-Diggers.   Thanks,   Mike
Just stumbled over a treasury of old comic strips   http://www.toonopedia.com/index.htm   I'm old enough to remember a lot of these, and I'm looking forward to browsing some memories.   Mike    Talk about off-topic...
Consult your proctologist.   Mike 
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