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We had a Memorial Day barbecue for eight people, and made this anything-goes salad...   http://abc7chicago.com/archive/7408848/   This recipe made plenty for at least 16 people as a side, so be careful; we had a lot left over.   We added other ingredients after the Garbage Salad served at Gatto's, another suburban Chicago restaurant:   can of hearts of Palm, cut into 1" lengths can of sun-dried tomatoes, cut to 1" strips, and some of the oil.     TJ's has a nice...
I certainly admire your bu... results!   Nice color both inside and out.   Our son had us over for seven hour-smoked baby backs and we brought a Chicago-style Garbage Salad which I will describe later in detail.  It's more of an antipasto than just a chopped salad, and it was very well received.   Mike
Koukou'-   I would appreciate your take on the Cowgirl baked beans- the recipe looked pretty good to me.   And - I hope all that advice...  um... saved your butt!    Mike   How could I possibly resist that?
VERY impressive...   If your wife walks in and says     "How many pounds of garlic did you use for this batch?"    You must be on the right track!   On the amount of garlic, not about bugging your wife.   Mike
Jake-   The first kitchen I built, almost 40 years ago, I put in Corian, which was, then, sort of the new miracle countertop.  At that time, Dupont would only sell it to "qualified" installers, but one branch of the development company I worked for was in homebuilding, so I didn't have much trouble picking up what I needed. Wholesale, even.   As an experienced woodworker, I had no trouble at all working the stuff. I just needed a couple particular sawblades (triple-chip...
Brandon- I assume you're talking $39 a foot for the marble, installed. Or is it $39 plus the cost of the marble?   We retained an architect specializing in kitchen and bath design when we rebuilt our condo, and she had a thing against stone of any kind, insisting a synthetic was greatly preferable, especially from a maintenance standpoint.. We picked a "Zodiac" brand synthetic which was black with some glittery specks on it.  We got a 3"x5" sample and carried it...
"...a drizzle of grilled lemon juice."   Intriguing, teamfat.  Could you tell us how to grill lemon juice?   Mike 
"Yeah, but this was on Youtube. So, facts."   Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that.   So, I threw out my olive oil and will never touch any again!   Mike       
Never heard of Kaiper, but that certainly goes against everything I've ever heard about olive oil!   Mike
Chef T-   Nice piece of work.  The brickwork I think I understand, but could you tell us a little more about the upper portion?   How is it constructed, and is it hollow to conduct heat through the wall? And, what does "Cob" oven mean? A national style off cooking, or what?   Thanks   Mike
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