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Kind of understated, don't ya think?   Mike  
PodKeeJoe mentioned...   "The late Justin Wilson, an extraordinary Cajun chef..."   Been years since I thought of him. He was amusing, though the Cajun Cornpone grew a little thin.  Browsing through a book on Cajun Humour by a professor of English at LSU, the book with an entire chapter devoted to him, I discovered that...   'ol Justin was roundly despised by the entire Cajun community!    First, his repuation as a humourist was built almost entirely on telling...
I find several of the responses since my last post to be quite puzzling.  While the "follow your dream" idea is appealing, what several of us have tried to point out is that his situation as well as the assumptions that underlie his dream are quite unlikely to make it achievable. We're trying to help, not beat him into the ground.   Mike 
Ben- I'm impressed you came back after the grief I and others laid on you.  Follow what flipflopgirl  said and man up, especially about your kid.   You got some work to do.  I would love to hear how things go with you in a few months - or years, which it will probably take. Let us know- we would love to celebrate with you.   Best, and God bless   Mike
Ben, I'm going to be a little rough on you...   You're a high-school dropout, an unmarried, teen-age parent, and you imagine that your uninformed enthusiasm will allow you to enter a demanding field- on your own terms.   This is not going to get you anywhere.  You have no concept of how big a hole you have dug for yourself.   You will be lucky to get a job as a dishwasher, and if you do your employer will tell you how many hours you will work; if you don't want to do...
What kind of advice is this, Goodcook...   1.  Eat ribeye steaks wrapped in bacon      2.  Drink lots of beer      3.  Stay away from most vegetables.      4.  Take Ben and Jerrys with every meal.   You want to live forever?   Mike
Well before we became foodies, my wife and I used to contemplate with horror the recipe on the back of the Ritz Cracker package for Mock Apple Pie.    You made a pie crust, then mooshed up some Ritz crackers with lemon juice and filled the "pie" with that, and then baked the thing just like it was really food. I still sometimes have a bad dream about it.   Mike
There was a post to the effect that replacement heater strips could be purchased and you could install them. You'll have to search for it.   Mike
I don't really understand the enthusiasm for some kind of a computer system. We did an $80K remodel of our condo about 12 years ago (spent half of it in the 8' x 13' kitchen)  and I put everything in a metal letter-size file box about 8" deep. The shipping papers,  invoices, manuals, repair part invoices if any, and any other relevant papers have gone into their own folder by item. I was very careful to make sure I had every piece of paper I might ever need, and the little...
"I use to be part of restoration teams on classic wooden boats in new england, florida and the caribbean..."   Joey -   You probably know the books of Michael Ruhlmann, a marvelous writer who has lately concentrated on food topics ("The Making of a Chef",  "The Reach of a Chef", "Charcuterie", and several others.)    If you haven't read some of his stuff, you should proceed immediately to the nearest library and pick up a couple.   He wrote the "Making..." by taking...
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