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K-girl...   Are you saying-   your Homeowners' Association operates restaurants on your assessment tab??   If that's the fact,  please tell us a little more about it.  I have never heard of such a thing!     If it's so terrible,  why can't the owners vote to get rid of it? Or hire a competent cook to run it? Or something?   Hey- why don't you put in a bid to take it over?   Mike 
Koukou'...   How about a potato salad with a heavily garliced dressing? A potato salad with garlic mayo has become a favorite of ours at a local tapas joint.    After all, the Greeks are not unfamiliar with garlic - right?  The sun-dried tomatoes would go well with that, too.   On a slightly-related point, I have come to believe that the importance of garlic in the cuisine diminishes as you move north from the Mediterranean. In my limited experience, garlic is big in...
Well, Mary, if we can't get together for a little nibble, I guess I'll try your garlic coleslaw suggestion.   Is that a routine slaw recipe, or are there other unusual ingredients besides the garlic?   Thanks,   Mike
MaryB- You and I should get together, nibble a little garlic and breathe on each other   Mike   Well, as long as our spouses don't find out
Hey, Joey--   If you're still in central Calif, and if you happen to get up north around Napa, visit the Pride Mountain Winery, a small, high-quality operation located on the ridge of the hills btween Napa and Sonoma counties, just to the west of the CIA's campus near Napa.  It's fun as they bottle both Napa and Sonoma wines- the county line runs down the middle of the winery's parking lot and they have crushing tables mounted on wheels... they roll 'em over to one side...
Great--   You won't have to think about 'em for twenty years, at least.   Mike
Funny thread.  I'd prefer the flowerpot simulation to the excrement one.   Boy, do I ever agree with Joey about eating contests- I refuse to watch. Never look at  "Man v. Food" for instance because of his gluttonfests.    Mike
"...I almost always double the garlic!"   Isn't that the way everybody cooks?   Well, except for the "almost" part...   Mike
Well, proper Reuben or not, I am definitely going to try this. Please keep us informed of future research.   Are the bread & butter pickled onions different than regular pickled ones, such as I use in my Gibsons?   Mike
This thread shows the latest developments in Induction Cooking devices:   http://ovens.reviewed.com/features/the-future-of-induction-cooking-heats-up?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=cpc   It's coming... it's coming!   Wish it had been available twelve years ago when I completely rebuilt my kitchen, where the condo allows no gas!   Mike
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