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Tom... you said   I then placed a hand sledge inside and on top of the gears...This put a downward resistance on the assembly so when I hit the shaft with a hammer it pushed through the collar...   Obviously you are a professional engineer type.  If your first attempt at a fix doesn't work...   GET A BIGGER HAMMER        or, apparently, a couple of hammers/sledges.   Hope you're up and running by now.   Mike 
Interesting you should say that, Board'...   Funny, I would bet $100.00 if you received a board from me you wouldn't tell one person if you were satisfied but let me be later delivering than you deem to be normal, then you will vent to anyone and everyone who will listen.    My wife was in the restaurant business for 12 years: she didn't cook - she ran the office crew that supported a chain of 26 white-tablecloth stores in Chicago's western suburbs.  Her boss, the...
Tom-   That's BULLFROG, like the amphibian.  Not sure why they named it that, but they do make a big fuss about being green (as in environment-friendly) so I guess it's their play on that. Anyhow, it's great stuff, and a little goes quite a long way. I got my first couple of cans from a local RV-supply place, but then they stopped carrying it, so I found it online. My guess is that it just looked too expensive and didn't move off the shelf.  Once you find out how well it...
Having read Carpenter's accounts of the situation, and Boardsmith's response... I would have no hesitation in ordering a board from him.   Mike   Sorry, though, Board' - I make my own and have all I need right now.
Chris, thanks!   This is high on my to-do list.   Mike
Chris-   I'm struck by your polenta fries in #21. Is there more to them than thick polenta, set up, sliced, sauteed in butter or bacon grease?  I'd like to play with your gorgonzola cream sauce, too; any secrets there?   My only thought is the bacon fat might conflict if I go with the sauce.  I'm inclined to stay with butter to saute if I have the sauce.   Thanks for any advice   Mike
OWWW! - K-girl   just caught up to your accident.  You have my deepest sympathy and hopes for a speedy recovery.  Get well quick.   Mike   Same thing happened to me a couple years ago, but only minor lumps and bumps. Those dogs can really lunge!
Risen'  -   In your OP you said you would heat the shaft to help remove the gear.  This is backwards.   You wanted to heat the gear - to make it expand - and try not to heat the shaft, so it doesn't expand. Now that you're reassembling, put the shaft in your freezer for an hour or so (I'm assuming it will fit) to get it slightly shrunk, and heat whatever pieces you want to slide onto the shaft. That may help a lot.  This method of assembly is called a...
Yes-  I'd go with Millions' on this one.   Mike
I happened upon a VitaMix demo at a Costco while I was visiting in Reno and was so impressed (and liked the special price) that I bought it and lugged it home to Chicago. My wife was stunned when I told her the price, but a couple of really nice frozen daiquiris calmed her down.   We have not been disappointed in the past five or so years. Soups, dips, frozen cocktails, and a LOT of smoothies later, it's still going strong.  It's a little hard to empty completely with...
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