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Curious, Kieth-   Why must it "never leave the pan"?   Rules out warm and blast, sous vide and other perfectly valid techniques for getting a hunk of meat to a perfect medium rare, medium, or whatever and then putting a nice crust on it.   Mike
C'mon, Dagger-   If it's "bad" for most people would it be selling for $1500 or so per pound?   Mike  
They impart an intense umami flavor in tiny quantities. They are impossible to cultivate and must be hunted by specially trained dogs or pigs in a very few unique environments   Almost all the "truffle oils" are artificially flavored and truffle-free.   A chef friend at Prosecco in Chicago makes his own with honest-to-God truffles and it is just wonderful.   Mike
I was going to direct you to the 1200W VitaMix 5200 if you want a pro blender, but they're still in the $400+ range and I see the new 900W Nutribullet - I'm using an older 800W one these days - is around $88 on eBay.  My N-bullet does a good job on smoothies, malts, and the like. I find the screw-together, upside-down, press-to-run feature a little fussy. It cleans itself well, though.    I've had the Vitamix 5200 for seven or eight years and it's just terrific.  If you...
MaryB-   Could you give us some details on the making of your cottage bacon?  I think my son would like to have a go at a batch of that.   Thanks   Mike
Mike9-   How do they compare - in your taste - with Malpeques from PEI ?      I haven't had  Wellfleets that I recall, despite spending my first  thirty years on the East Coast.  I didn't go for raw oysters until I got older.  Oddly enough,  I first encountered the Malpeques in a hip seafood bar in Walnut Creek CA which had them always when in season.   They're pretty hard to find in the MIdwest.   Speaking of seafood, I of course grew up on the beautiful swimmer- ...
Google "Left Handers Club" and you might find something.  They have a lot of stuff they try to sell to us Southpaws...   Mike
Been a long time...   "...maybe I'll fry some chicken. Never done that in bacon fat."   It's been done...     Down the Road a Piece By Freddie Slack With the Will Bradley Trio, Freddie Slack If you want to hear some Boogie, then I know the place It's just an old piano and a knocked out bass The drummer man's a guy they call eight beat Mac You remember Doc and old Beat Me Daddy Slack Mammy's sellin' chicken fried in bacon grease Well come along with me boys it's...
If you want to approach "Country Ham" you will need to completely bury your whole, fresh hog leg (no foot) in coarse salt for ten days, then rinse and then hickory smoke for about four days, and you'll be well on your way.   All that's left is to hang it to dry out in a cool place - not refrigerated.   For about a year.   This is God's gift to your taste buds.  It's like Prosciutto, but a little different process and taste.   If you don't want to wait that long,...
Watched it for the  first time tonight.  Thoroughly enjoyed the travel, the food and cooking.  Good as Tony Bourdain.   Oddly, didn't strike me as particularly comedic. Maybe that's an association from his work on Raymond, which I never saw.   I'll be watching again.   Mike
New Posts  All Forums: