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mimi-   I have a cookbook simply  titled Hot  which  has a recipe for Brussels sprouts stir-fried in a mustard sauce.  I hate sprouts, but I can eat these all day  I'll get to the book in a couple of days and post the very simple recipe.   Mike
No, I'm not an ads...whatever that is... I'm an economist.   That's probably worse.   Mike 
Well, I'm an economist and I don't understand.   It's not a lot of work- it's a lot of waiting until the seedlings mature and begin to host truffles, and then you let your dog/pig dig them up for you.   If there's literally tons and tons of them I would think the price would be a lot lower.   Something fishy here.   Mike   
Two Christmases ago, when UPS got all backed up, we realized our customary country ham wasn't  arriving in time for Christmas. Our son went to a local fancy butcher and got a ten-pound USDA  prime bone-in prime rib roast.  He gave it a rub and cooked it in a smoker for about four hours to 140* and then put it in a 500* oven for a few minutes for a crust. Worked wonderfully.   Mike
TJ's introduced Grand Blue blue cheese in this month's Flyer.  I rushed to buy a chunk but it's not very tasty.  Made in Germany, it does not  have much tang or bite.  Guess they should stick to wursts.    Go find Wisconsin's Bleu Affinee which  I touted a few months ago.   Mike
It works?   Hows come truffles are still so expensive?   Mike
Emily-   Dates are a pretty tough project.  I'm not surprised they don't liquidate in a smaller blender.  Maybe more liquid and a longer run would do the job.   Mike
FF-   Well, sounds a little too good to be true, but I hope it actually works.     Maybe my next pound of truffles will be $16.   Mike 
Curious, Kieth-   Why must it "never leave the pan"?   Rules out warm and blast, sous vide and other perfectly valid techniques for getting a hunk of meat to a perfect medium rare, medium, or whatever and then putting a nice crust on it.   Mike
C'mon, Dagger-   If it's "bad" for most people would it be selling for $1500 or so per pound?   Mike  
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