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Teamfat-   You mentioned "a church" in your first post.  Would that happen to be a Mormon Church?  I've known just a few, but have been deeply impressed.   Just curious.   Mike
Chris-   Terrific photo essay!  I understand better why Spain is now considered the culinary capital of Europe. I visited Barcelona many, many years ago and had the dinner of my lifetime at Los Caracoles. It was over 100 years old at the time, and from the internet it still seems to be going strong.   As for "I'm pretty sure the Spanish locals are glad too! " I'm not too sure about that.  I assume the tourist dollar is a mainstay of the local economy, and if the...
mimi-   I'm pretty sure your neighbor could indeed burn a flag to express his disapproval of some policy, politics, or conditions of the country.   And no, it hasn't been overturned and I'd strongly suggest that you don't hold your breath until it is.     Sorry,   Mike
"Specific to the amendment that gives every citizen the right to disrespect Old Glory."   mimi-   There is no such amendment.  Some of our out-of-control judges decided that disrespecting the flag was an aspect of freedom of speech.  That's defined by the First Amendment, which says nothing whatever about disrespect.  That was just made up by some judges - for good measure they threw in burning the flag in public, and walking or spitting on it.. (I think it was the...
ADDENDUM TO PRESSURE-COOKING stock   Here's an exhaustive treatise on P-Cooked  stocks from an experienced pro-   http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/pressure-cookers?utm_source=ChefSteps&utm_campaign=3b1f3570c5-pressure_cookers&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a61ebdcaa6-3b1f3570c5-120052013     Looks like a valuable reference.   Mike  
My experience with Dungeness is quite the opposite of Eastshore's - maybe as the result of growing up on the east coast and wrestling with Blues. I came to think of opening a Dungeness as almost as easy as popping a beer can tab.    The meat is in big chunks and easy to pull out.   I sure miss 'em.  They're hard to find around Chicago and when they are available they usually cost about the same as lobster. When we visited our daughter in Walnut Creek, we went into...
I looked up the text of the United States Flag Code and it does precisely specify the hand-over-heart salute when raising/lowering/passing the flag and for the national anthem for all American citizens; military in uniform shall and veterans may use the military hand-to-head salute.  Non-citizens to stand at attention.  13 USC 1:9   Doing the anthem in another country, the US Flag Code doesn't apply, I guess.  Still I'm a little surprised the US team didn't observe it;...
Interesting technique. Probably wouldn't work with a turkey, though.   Mike   
Cheflayne-   How do you truffle a potato chip?  Couple drops of truffle oil? With a small brush?   Thanks   Mike
We've long been happy with making our stocks in a pressure cooker: beef, chicken, and turkey in season.  Doesn't fill the house quite as well with aromas, but it's a lot faster.  When I got into cooking, I changed our 4-quart for a 10-quart and we made and froze a lot!   Mike
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