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Yeah, Phil-   I know we went through this whole thing two or three years ago.   Mike   
"Why didn't I think of sandblasting?"   NO   NO   NO   NO   NOOO......   Mimi- For G-d'sake don't sandblast it.  This is used for producing a rough surface, cleaned and suitable for painting. They specify a  "sharp sand" for sandblasting for just this purpose. This is broken grains of sand that has not been smoothed and rounded by being in a stream bed for centuries and washed round and round a lot.   You want a nice clean, heavily pitted cast iron pan??   A...
KouKou'...   Congratulations on a well-deserved win!   I've never liked eggplant, but by golly, I'm going to try yours and Teamfat's. Could you give us enough details that I can duplicate your terrine just the way you made it?   Certainly doesn't have to be as elaborately detailed as his post.   Thanks   Mike
Dehydrate--- great idea!   If you have a convection oven,, it should have a dehydrate setting.   Mike
The bureaucrats are taking good care of us, though...   We recently bought a package of salt, with an expiration date.   It wasn't another fifty or eighty million years away, either, just a date sometime in the early years of the Clinton administration.    Mike   
"...the taste of  melting snow,mixed with the fur off the gloves, rock salt,  dirt, bird seed, dog poop, etc."   Oh, yum!   Is this how you developed your taste for food and passion for cooking?    Mike  
`Did we ever find out why Boar left?  I, too, miss him.   Mike
I'm an onion ring fanatic but... alas, it's hard to find good ones in restaurants and hard to make good ones at home.  The many restaurants in the Texas-based Pappas chain make the best I've ever had.  There's a Pappadeaux Restaurant (Cajun-themed) near me in the Chicago area, and we go there regularly to restore our faith in humanity with onion rings and fried calamari.   There are dozens of Pappas operations in both Dallas and Houston:  Pappamia (Italian), Pappacito...
Justin Wilson was a hoot indeed, but mostly a poseur.  His fractured English belied his advanced degrees in Industrial Engineering; he worked as a Safety Engineer in northern industries during WW II. His reputation as a humorist was  based on telling "Polish jokes" but with Cajuns as the nitwit foils of the stories instead of Polakis.   The Cajuns hated that, especially as he was only half Cajun- one parent was Cajun, the other wasn't. They vehemently felt he wasn't...
Years ago we had a big lamb roast. We fed the trimmings - mostly fat - to our dog, who eagerly ate it all.  It gave her gas which smelled like the end of the world.  We had to lock her out of the house for three days  She was heartbroken and couldn't understand what it was she did that we would treat her so badly. Fortunately we were in Southern California at the time, so she didn't freeze.   Don't feed the trims to your pet!   Mike  
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