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Won't it blow away?   Mike
Let us know how it tastes, and how you cooked it!   Mike  
"Fried chicken used to be my favorite food in the whole world."   Well, I discovered Missouri country ham when I was four years old, and it's still my favorite food in the whole world!   Mike 
Well, that's sort of a drag...   Went to Benton's website and decided to order a small sample of the smoked, aged ham for eight bucks. Not until I put my shipping address in did I learn that would also cost me a little over $16 for shipping. I assume Mr. Benton will personally walk it up here to Chiacgo and hand it to me.   May just go by the reviews and get a ham- but God knows what the freight on that will be.   Mike
O...O...O...O...O...O...OH Koukou'... you seem to know something about fried chicken! What time is dinner?   We both grew up south of the Mason-Dixon Line, so we're fellow sort-of Southerners. (Missouri and Maryland for me.) I used to spend summers with my aunt in Fredericksburg.   They've already cured the bejeezus out of a real country ham, so it will last as long as you want it to.  We have it for Christmas dinner, then keep it in the fridge (or out on the porch,...
Well, Koukou'   As I said, Smithfield Hams are widely available and quite good.  Those Edwards hams look nice, but seem pretty pricey. All my life, I've liked 'em salty, long-hung, and tough.   You slice them paper-thin like prosciutto or about a quarter-inch thick for pan-frying and serve with red-eye gravy.  That's made by deglazing the pan with fresh, very strong black coffee.  This goes best with a little butter over grits.    We'll make a southern girl out of you...
Mary and 'minute-   Thank you both.   That Benton's ham certainly looks right, and the price is quite reasonable.  I'm going to order a sample tomorrow and if that goes well, I'll be back for a ham.   I'm still open for suggestions, though, so if you have another source, I'd really like to hear about it.   Mike
For decades, we've ordered our Christmas ham from Esicar's Smokehouse in Cape Girardeau MO, but a few years ago they retired and closed after only 73 years in business, We found Colonel Newsome's Hams in Princeton, KY and have been pretty well pleased, but some negative reviews have cropped up recently, and I thought we might benefit from some others' experience.   We want a whole country ham-  salt-cured, smoked, and peppered and hung at least one year. We'll need to...
For a lot of background and expertise, take a look at the website of   Pea Soup Andersen's   They've been serving pea soup in Buellton CA for generations and know something about it. They also offer their recipe, which may or may not be complete    Mike
I was just gifted with a fresh 1-1/2-pound wedge of Wisconsin's Bleu Affinee cheese, a favorite of mine.  I like it as well as Maytag, but this is more than I can eat before it begins to deteriorate.   How best to divide, wrap and store it to lengthen the shelf life?  I asked about freezing it the last time I was in Caputo's Cheese Market and received a stern lecture leaving no doubt - that is not the way to do it!   So, OK...   I'm thinking cutting the wedge...
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