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Thank you  for this beautiful culinary travelogue, Koukou'!   Takes me back to our two, three-week vacation tours in Greece, including a week on Crete. They were conducted by a college professor of Greek extraction who spoke it like a native, and had been doing these groups for years. He had a roster of places to visit, lodge, and eat - many wonderful small mom-and-pop tavernas  where we ate inexpensively but very well: no steam tables.  We acquired a love of Greek food...
Really outstanding video... hope you will give us more. I'm going to try this for sure. Thanks Mike
We bought some nice, but underripe fresh figs at the local supermarket. We washed them, vacpacked several per package, and stored in the fridge for about four days to ripen up a little. Lots of mold spots when we opened one package up, and we tossed the whole batch. We need some advice! Wash with some Chlorox? Blanch first? Don't vac? Eat the mold? How should we handle this? Kind of hate to miss the ripe-fig season, and the store ones are not usually quite ready to...
Got a MasterBuilt electric smoker recently - our condo prohibited open-flame cookers a while back - and we have been very pleased with its performance.  Its' controls allow precise time and temperature setting, and have a remote-reading feature. We're making our own bacon now and it's great, with a shot of garlic in the spice mix for the brine.  We've stuck to hickory and apple for the bacon smoke, so far.   Our son discovered pecan when he moved to Houston.  He was...
Funny experience of "sharing"...   We attended the International Chili Cookoff in Terlingua, TX a few years ago: you want to talk about COMPETITION!!  Three thousand people camping around a ghost town in the middle of the Texas Panhandle desert  for the better part of a week- mostly observers, as we were - but they really pounded the rivalry between contestants. All the talk was of secret ingredients and mysterious spices.  Beans, as you probably know, are...
I've never encountered "manufacturing cream."     Is it available in any retail setting?  I really don't need a 55-gallon drum of it, but I'd like the chance to play around with an ingredient that sounds to be significantly different from the regular commercial products.   Thanks for any suggestions.   Mike
"...there was feed corn for the livestock, seed corn for growing more corn, and sweet corn for the humans."   My father raised Angus cattle (as a hobby, really) and we grew a lot of feed corn - we called it "field corn" - and I remember this as being delicious, when picked young and steamed within a few minutes of picking.  This was long before the development of all the super-sweet varieties.   Easy recipe: butter, salt, butter, pepper, butter.   Mike
That's a very nice resolution, and a graceful apology, Carpenter.   I think both you guys came out looking pretty nice. Looking forward to your future contributions.   Cheers   Mike
Our favorite potato salad is a heavily-garlicked version served at Emilio's, a local tapas restaurant:   http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/eatingout/eating_e/emiliospata.htm   Let it ferment in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before mixing with potatoes, and then let them chill to help the flavors permeate the potatoes.As usual with me, if you decided to increase the garlic- that would be fine.   Mike
Tom... you said   I then placed a hand sledge inside and on top of the gears...This put a downward resistance on the assembly so when I hit the shaft with a hammer it pushed through the collar...   Obviously you are a professional engineer type.  If your first attempt at a fix doesn't work...   GET A BIGGER HAMMER        or, apparently, a couple of hammers/sledges.   Hope you're up and running by now.   Mike 
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