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Hope you'll post anything you find on Xavier Meier; that's my last name.  It means ""farm manager" in German.  My German ancestors arrived in 1848 and went to be cattle farmers in southeast Missouri for over 100 years.   Mike
Sorry for the inconsistency, Pete-   They seem to have dropped off the recipe over the years.  I'm not that keen about nuts anyway.  If you want them, I would suggest  English walnut halves as decorations.  Maybe some almonds in the fruit mix.   Trust me- the recipe is just delicious as it stands.     MIke
I'm sorry, K-girl...   I've always used the small cake tins.  I really don't know what size large pan would be appropriate.   I am  completely confident it will be the best  will  be best FRUITcake you have ever had, especially if you go HOUSTON PECAN COMPANY for your fruits and nuts supplies  just use a few of their pecan halves to decorate the top of the cakes for a nice crunch.   It will b a wonderful Christmas/New Years treat for the whole family. The only...
K-girl... I really think this is the one you're looking for.  The aluminum cake tins are a standard size- as I recall, about 5" wide by 8" long and 4" deep.   If you do the whole recipe you will get about 14 of them.  From my experience they will last at least 5 years if you can restrain your family that long.   They need to be moistened with bourbon, brandy, or sherry.    Actually, I use all three.     Mike   
mimi   Of course you're right about that.  When we lived on the island in Puget Sound two or three neighbors and I went out at low tide on winter evenings and caught as many Dungeness as we could find and came back to a neighborhood feast with a huge tossed salad the ladies had prepared and lots of wine.  Good times.   I'd be happy to try it again on the Gulf Coast sometime with you!  I could even put up with Blues.   Mike   Actually, I grew up in Maryland and am...
It's that season again, and I offer a family recipe that will fix you up for the next five or six years, plus a source for the best fruits/nuts available in North America.   Here we go...   GLACEED CANDIED FRUITS CHERRIES - 1/2 red,   1/2 green            2.25  lb     keep a couple dozen whole for decoration, rest cut in half PINEAPPLE                                           1.50  lb LEMON PEEL                                          .50  lb ORANGE PEEL        ...
ChefRoss-   Where're you located, Chef- Nantucket or the Vinyard?   We've had a couple timseshares In Vinyard Haven since 1979, but seldom get there from Chicago.  Have good luck renting them, though, since they're in the High Season.
For decades I've cut my avos in half, twisted to free one half, sprinkled both pieces with lemon or lime juice, and left the pit in the one I'm not eating. Always works for me.   Never saw one turn red-  only brown.  What kind if avos are you using?   Mike
A few years ago I posted my family recipe for stuffing with Brazil nuts as well as for turkey stock.  You should at least have a look.  I've never tasted anything as good as this:   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/51543/thanksgiving-my-ancestral-turkey-dressing   Mike
"I would love to create just half the recipes in her book"   Julie-   You must be sure to see the movie  "Julie and Julia"-  it's about a lady who decided she would start at the first page of "The Art..."  and do one recipe for her family every day until she got to the end of the book. It's hilarious.   A recreation of Julia's TV kitchen is in the Smithsonian Institution.  When we were in Cambridge MA in the late fifties, we lived a block or so from her house.  We...
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