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OK, Mary and 'minute...   Your reputations are on the line!   I just ordered an aged, smoked whole ham from Benton's for our Christmas table centerpiece. It better be good !   In six weeks or so, we'll know.   Mike 
Koukou'-   You'r looking for Virginia ham, this might be a good place to start   http://www.smithfieldmarketplace.com/category/country-hams?utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=country%2Bham   Hope you have good luck./   Mike
We  will do the usual, including my ancestral stuffing recipe which features Brazil nuts. They add an amazing dimension to ordinary stuffing!  We always spent three or four hours cracking the dang things because they're so good in the stuffing.  Nowadays we buy them, shelled, from Trader Joe's.   I'll see of I can find the recipe. \ Mike 
Teamfat-   I'd appreciate the details on your "Sichuan" bacon.  We've had good luck with our Masterbuilt electric smoker; my son spent this morning helping out at his friend's restaurant and... came home with a pork belly of his very own.  We've got some good recipes we have used, but are always ready to try something new.   Thanks   Mike
Love it!   Mike 
" I can't recall seeing a chef out on the floor in years."   A long-time friend owns/chefs the well-regarded Prosecco in the River North area of Chicago.  He's out and about the front of the house quite frequently greeting, schmoozing, joking not only the regulars (a lot of Chicago Black Hawks and their wives hang out here) but newbies as well.    You have to consider, though, that he's the most rampant extrovert I've ever known.   Mike  
Won't it blow away?   Mike
Let us know how it tastes, and how you cooked it!   Mike  
"Fried chicken used to be my favorite food in the whole world."   Well, I discovered Missouri country ham when I was four years old, and it's still my favorite food in the whole world!   Mike 
Well, that's sort of a drag...   Went to Benton's website and decided to order a small sample of the smoked, aged ham for eight bucks. Not until I put my shipping address in did I learn that would also cost me a little over $16 for shipping. I assume Mr. Benton will personally walk it up here to Chiacgo and hand it to me.   May just go by the reviews and get a ham- but God knows what the freight on that will be.   Mike
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