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Hey, Teamfat-   Lay off the cooking sherry!   Mike
Terry-   You know, I think you have a good idea about a chili museum - there must be as many chili-based pastes and sauces as as there are mustards, if not a lot more.   You would need another screwball genius like Barry to get it off the ground, though.   Mike
"i just find that some of the distilleries,particularly on the scottish islands,have gone overboard with the smoke & peat flavours."   I've never been much of a Scotch drinker, Jon, though I kind of like Laphroaig Single Malt in very small doses. Talk about overboard with peat flavors... I'd believe they put a scoop of peat in each bottle, kind of like the worm in the mezcal.   I'll be sticking to my sour-mash straight bourbon.   Mike
I'm no romantic, so I'm baffled at any appeal of such a Valentine's Day gift.   Any ideas as to what, actually, to do with such a thing?   Mike
That's interesting... nice response from Boos.   I  wonder how many firms in the biz keep an eye on this site?   Mike
I've had the VitaMix 5200 - the 2 hp - for five or sixl years and it's done everything I've ever wanted it to do -- in spades. Saw it demo'ed in Costco, it was on special for $400, and I was hooked.  Never regretted it for a minute, except for when my wife chewed me out for spending so much money. She's used it and has come around.   Currently at $480 on Amazon; hard to find a price break as they seem to control it pretty tightly. I really can't think why you'd need a 3...
"...explanation for the cracks is, it's a commercial meat block..."   So, when I buy commercial meat, (that  would be from a store, I guess) I should expect a few hibernating bacteria along with it?  I'm sure I do in fact get some, but see no reason to encourage them.   I assumed this place had been in business for some time: now I no longer understand why.   Need a smilie for   Mike
I assume you've heard of the Mustard Museum, Koukou'. If not-   http://mustardmuseum.com/the-mustard-museum/   The founder, Barry Levenson, was a rising star on the Wisconsin legal community when he decided to chuck it and start this museum. He is also a witty and accomplished raconteur. He stocks and sells hundreds of kinds of mustards.  The first time we visited, I had spent over $75 on mustards before my wife dragged me out of the place. I too have a thing for...
Wow, 'Cookie-   That should be a gorgeous block, excpt for...   I have no idea what could have led to such multiple failures in this particular piece. I have to assume that these mostly don't happen, since I guess they've been in business for some time. I'd be interested in hearing if any further explanations are forthcoming.   One other question- Why did you feel the need for such a massive piece for home use? Granted, it should last you for five of six hundred...
'cyto-   In your quest for ruthless efficiency and greatest economy, you should be very aware how much you pay for packaging.   It's a LOT.   Just check how much you pay for a two-pack of paper towels versus a 12- or 16-pack. It is very likely double the price per roll compared to the big package. If you have any kind of storage space - and shelf life is not too much a problem - you should absolutely GO FOR THE BIG PACKAGE. The unit price almost always falls...
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