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Another great foodie site, Serious Eats, offers a detailed recipe for baked buns based on store-bought pizza dough, garlic, minced pepperoni, garlic, herbs, garlic, butter, garlic, two cheeses, garl... well, you get the idea:..   http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/09/easy-pull-apart-pepperoni-garlic-bread-recipe.html   Looks so good I'm going to try it this weekend.  I'll get the pizza dough and pepperoni at TJ's.  I'll probably add more garlic, though.    I've...
Well, a surprise...   PBS Chicago is running a "The Mind of A Chef"  program on Kentucky cooking, partly devoted to country ham, starting with a quick tour of Colonel Newsome's where we got last year's ham. So far, haven't shown me anything I don't already know.    Hey- now they're showing sorghum molasses!  I grew up on it. If you can find it, try some; it's lighter that conventional molasses with a quite distinctive taste. Read the label carefully, though .... some...
Ha... that reminds me of a frequent ad inside the covers of comic books when I was a kid- the "X-ray glasses" which could - miraculously - see through clothing.   They were supposed to be ideal for girl-watching.      Never tried 'em, though.  Now, if I had heard about this camera, especially if it was from a respected Japanese manufacturer, well...   How much was it? Think I might have any luck on Ebay?   Mike 
laurenlulu-   " ...or dungeoness crab"   That's kind of a surprise, how did you find out about Dungeness crab (the world's finest seafood)  in North Carolina? They certainly don't grow around there!   Mike   
Mary-   Thank you for those pointers.  I'm going to try some of it uncooked, but am a little worried about the saltiness. We boiled the (uncooked) Missouri hams 3-4 hours, completely submerged, which considerably reduced the salt though they were still plenty salty, and I'm worried that without the long simmer we may find it too strong.  I'm hoping there will be directions/suggestions with the Benton's ham.  If not, I'm going to call them for advice.   I'll keep you...
OK, Mary and 'minute...   Your reputations are on the line!   I just ordered an aged, smoked whole ham from Benton's for our Christmas table centerpiece. It better be good !   In six weeks or so, we'll know.   Mike 
Koukou'-   You'r looking for Virginia ham, this might be a good place to start   http://www.smithfieldmarketplace.com/category/country-hams?utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=country%2Bham   Hope you have good luck./   Mike
We  will do the usual, including my ancestral stuffing recipe which features Brazil nuts. They add an amazing dimension to ordinary stuffing!  We always spent three or four hours cracking the dang things because they're so good in the stuffing.  Nowadays we buy them, shelled, from Trader Joe's.   I'll see of I can find the recipe. \ Mike 
Teamfat-   I'd appreciate the details on your "Sichuan" bacon.  We've had good luck with our Masterbuilt electric smoker; my son spent this morning helping out at his friend's restaurant and... came home with a pork belly of his very own.  We've got some good recipes we have used, but are always ready to try something new.   Thanks   Mike
Love it!   Mike 
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