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In Canada, there actually was a law introduced that said that you can not feed your servants lobster more than once a week. All that to say that I like escargot, and a host of other classics. I too am not a fan of either liver or brains, but I am open to eating almost anything else. The more ingredients the better, I say! Give me snails, lobster, fiddle heads, bone marrow, and any other thing you can think of. Derek
Hi everyone, I was a member here, but haven't posted in nearly two years. Here is the story, I am a chef manager at Stowe Mountain Resort, owned by AIG the insurance company. The incompetence at the upper management level is astounding. All orders are placed through our in house buyer who then buys strictly from US Foods. Even worse, the office changes orders and product regularly, so accepting deliveries is always a frustrating surprise. The paperwork that I need to...
I haven't visited the site in almost two years. I decided to come back as I am tired of living in Northern Vermont and want to move back to civilization. I am thinking that Virginia would be a nice place to go. So, I am here to network, and possibly visit new places and work a few days in exchange for a place to put my head at night. Derek
I've only worked under one female chef, she went vertical on everything. http://www.regattaofcotuit.com In contrast, a couple of male chefs that I have worked for used the whole plate, very flat presentation. (I prefer stacked.) That table could have said every plate that they had anywhere was done by a male chef and been right 80-90% of the time. At least from what I have seen in the industry, females in the chef position are the minority.
Great suggestions from FoodPump. I'd add Saveur to the list as well. Get your mag subscriptions on eBay. I paid $14 each for four years of Saveur and Gourmet. (ie: $3.50/ year each) I do not know how they do it, but the magazines do start coming after about 3 months. One thing though, make sure that shipping is included. Some magazine subscription sellers tack on a hefty "shipping" fee, don't use these ones. Then, don't decide which is better, just get them...
I've made this salad I do not know how many hundreds of times. Slice the cuke thin with a mandoline or slicer. You do not need salt or gelatine, or a PVC pipe to hold it together. Make the circle with the cuke, lay it on the plate, and then stuff it with your greens. If it unwraps, slice thinner next time. It's been seven years since I worked at the place where this picture is from. We made this salad to order, cukes were sliced daily. We did not use...
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then Beurre Blanc must be a sauce. Edit: Posted that at the same time as your post, Cape Chef. Should have said, "If it looks like a leading duck, etc"
I chop my own. Can't imagine buying them already done, usage would be limited, and cost likely higher.
Mikeb, no debate as to what the five sauces are. I am mainly surprised at just how wrong I was. :cry: Also, I thought that Beurre Blanc would have to fit in there somewhere. Am I the only one that couldn't name the five 'grand sauces' off the top of my head? I'd bet that I am not alone. OK, going to do some more reading. I'll post again when I find out just how wrong I have always been about something else. Not sure what that would be, right now I still believe...
100 people * $10 = $1,000 18% labour = $180 $9/ hour = 20 hours... Phew, I'd hate to have somebody say, you have a banquet for 100 people in two hours, you should be able to get it done on your own in time. OK, I hope that they like pre-fab!
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