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PS How about attacking Foodpump for not reading, watching and glorifying Julia Child?  How dare I say anything negative about the American Julia Child?  For goodness sake, get over yourselves.  She got over herself and that has been confirmed by even Gypsy, who states that Julia Child didn't want attention and wanted cooking to be accessible.  To make it accessible, it has to be done by someone not absolutely perfect.   Btw, KYH, does the TV tell you what to think? ...
Are you saying the opinions of the chefs and cooks on this forum are worthless?  How sad!
I've read this forum and have seen what has been posted about Rachel Ray.  I've also heard it from others.  Would you like to come over to my house to check the veracity of my statement?  One is often better informed without a TV than with one.
    When you're a female, you have to "seem like a real ball buster".  If you don't, they'll focus on the male.  Try an experiment of your own.  Be equally as engaging as the male, not more so.  Don't outdo the male with your ball busting behavior and see what happens.  You'll be ignored. I've done this experiment and it is amazing.  I myself have had to become a "ball buster".
Julia Child failed the LCB exam the first time she took it.   Please don't forget her collaborators (not including her husband and book illustrator)  Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck.   Personally, I don't care either way about Julia Child as she had no effect on my life, my cooking or anything,  I have never read her books, used her recipes or watched her cooking show.  I just find it curious that so many want to call her some sort of goddess of the kitchen...
Who is Sandra Lee?  (remember, I don't own a TV set).  I guess out of the 24 on the team, I could name none, including the "star".  :D    Edited to add:  Googled her and got a wikipedia page that calls her... a cook!  :) :)
  Not so unique, Foodpump.  I only ever saw her on TV for that one clip that I mentioned.   KYHeirloomer,    I agree with a lot of what you say, but remember too that her marketing success (tv, books, etc) was all done with collaboration.  People seem to forget the collaborators.  It was a team effort and it's not clear that she was the driving force.  Perhaps that is why there is some backlash these days.
Please go beyond the couple of minutes of silence and the verbal thank you or handshake.  Those recently returned have a difficult burden, especially because of how recent and ongoing this all is.  Those still there, even more.
  Why do you choose to call me a liar?  Why do you try to characterize what qualifies for experience in my eyes when I haven't even done so?  Your attitude is rather defensive in its offensiveness.  Perhaps it's just that, as a lawyer, you are taking "adversarial" a step too far (I vaguely remember you mentioning being a lawyer some time back, but I may be wrong.  You can provide a citation one way or the other if you want).   The clip I saw was with Julia Child and,...
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