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When I lived in a "normal" temperature environment I always had great producing gardens. Here in Phoenix however is very challenging, unless you want to eat cactus.:lol: Any desert gardeners on the boards? Joe
Thanks for the reply, phatch. I just downloaded Recipe Software 30 day free trial I'll try it out and post the results. Joe
Interesting points, RSteve. Dinner for 25 for under $2K with one day notice? Sounds like pizza and beer to me. :lol:
anyone else?
Any advice on recipe software for Windows? I looked at MasterCook v.9.0. Had some bad reviews though. Thanks, Joe
Hello I have been having thoughts about starting a personal chef business. There are three online "schools" that supposedly teach you the business end of it and offer to list you on their sites. Of course they all charge quite a bit, $600 to $1000 just for membership. You actually have to pay that to even view their online forums, which I think is wrong. However, anyone here know about the personal chef biz? I worked in many restaurants when I was younger and not sure that...
What don't you like about it? I have the same one. Haven't used it yet though as I just received it.
I went through this very decision when I remodeled my kitchen (aka 9 months of pain). I went with a completely gas 36" Viking range and an electric 30" Viking wall oven. I love the gas for stovetop cooking, but use the electric oven 90% of the time. The latter is faster preheating and more precise in temperature. But then again, the gas oven is huge so that has a lot to do with it. The plumbing cost depends on the length of pipe run from a suitable source and the type of...
I am very surprised that no one mentioned Mario Batali on FN. I find both his shows very comprehensive. I love the regional (Italian) approach to Molto Mario.
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