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Okay.  Thanks to you both.  I think I will look into the japanese-style griddle cooking.  I think it is called teppanyaki.  There seems to be some established recipes available with specific sauces.  I don't want to labor over a griddle and let guests choose their own sauces.   Rick
I am having a problem finding recipes for mongolian grilling like they do in the local restaurants.  I understand the meats and vegetables used.  What I don't understand is the sauces that are used while cooking.  They seem to be mostly clear type liquids as opposed to the heavy sauces used in chinese cooking.   Any input will be appreciated.
Don't know about the job situation on the boats. I have a very nice, well paying position. I only cook as a hobby. 90% of what I do is over a gas grill. Just thought those guys did an excellent job. It gave me some inspiration to do better at home. Those guys work their butts off. With the exception of the executive chef, I don't think the pay is that great. Rick
What can I say except that I have the most appreciation for the cooking talent. We went on Royal Caribbean but I suppose all the cruise lines are basically the same. I watch friends, family and strangers smile over fantastic food. I would like to mimic one or two of the dishes they served but know I can't. My most felt appreciation for what you pros do. Rick
I do a backyard cook with a gas grill. I know you pro's can reach about 1600 degrees ( or so I have been told). I can reach 700 degrees on my gasser. Not asking for recipes - only technique. How can I put this grill to good use for steaks. I buy the best new york strip I can find. I haven't ordered from allen brothers but I can find "prime" at my butcher shop once in a while. Looking for technique and not recipes. Thanks, Rick
Thanks to both of you. What does julienne mean? Not trying to become a chef but I believe it is a basic cooking term. We mostly have red onions unless the walla walla sweets are in season ( we live in western washington) and on sale locally. Other than walla walla, does it matter if I use white, red or yellow? I am a backyard griller and I use the onions for toppings. Thanks, Rick
I know it is probably a very simplistic question. Sorry. How do I pan cook fried onions for hamburgers, steaks, etc? Do I use water, butter or what? Also, what type of onions are typically used? Red, white or yellow? I do a lot of stuff on the grill where grilled/fryed onions are called for as a topping. Thanks, Rick
I have two questions about chicago style hotdogs. I am going to be doing a small fundraiser at my elks lodge so I am trying to learn all I can. I understand that the dogs get boiled or steamed, with steaming being the most common method. Does that mean that I should hold the dogs in a hot pan of water just below the boiling point? Dogs are cooked when you buy them so there is no worry about serving raw food. Secondly, does anyone know where I can buy poppyseed buns...
I am going to cook tri-tip on a grill for 35 people. A second grill will be doing chicken breasts. Given the size limitations of the grill, I will have to cook in two batches. How can I hold meat at low temperature. I cook the tri-tip to 130-135 degrees. Each batch of meat will take about an hour. I think the warm setting on an oven is above 135 degrees. Suggestions would be appreciated. Rick
I am going to try to make authentic santa maria style beans for the first time. I will be serving them with grilled tri-tip. I ordered the pinquito beans from a place in santa maria since they are not available here in the seattle area. Most recipes say to simmer the beans for about two hours, after soaking them over night. I was wondering how they would do in a crockpot if simmered all day? I will need to cook a large quantity for 20 people and the convenience of...
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