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Panini    I used to always use...It is meant for roast or even  Gallantines  or   even boned out turkeys or chickens ,boned out leg of lambs etc. Special rolls or coils of netting must be ordered from wherever you got machine.  ..   Place coil of netting on small side of the tube on flat surface .place roast at large side. slide netting across  and along the thing till it covers the roast  then cut netting when roast is covered. The netting expands and then contracts...
Congrats to you. There are a lot of ways  to go here. A lot depends on your, health situation and age. If you want to enjoy life and family start that way as life is so short. I sold 3 places like you, all were successful but required lots of missed family time on my part  which I can never get back. I was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and  in 1 way I was glad I was able to make and put away the  money to take care of my family and myself  now. You Have to decide...
50 or so years ago  I used to make my own mayo but those days are over. My opinion is Hellmans is the best. It all but built a huge multi million dollar company called UNILEVER It is consistent  in color, flavor , and texture. Open the jar and that's, it clean and efficient . I do not normally recommend any set name brands, but the he two I always recommend are Hellmans Mayo. and Heinz Catsup. These two brands have built up years of consumer trust.. I do not like Kraft...
Are you a Pro. Caterer?    Have  you ever catered an affair before?  Or are you a student ?  The reason ask this is that pro caterers know all of this.
I wouldn't serve these in a prison.  GROOOOOOSS
Kuan  is 100%  correct   Make sandwiches wrap in paper refrigerate... Cole slaw on the side in 4 ounce soufflé cups,
A South African Lobster Tail will glow if left out for a day or too ,I believe its the phosphoresce content that does it
Read what I wrote at the top of this page, it all  still applies but even more. They are  the worst around and never tell the truth. This week The Feds turned  down their bid to join with US Foods.
Maybe he can go to Fantasy World at the Orlando Disney Resort
Gator to me taste like veal in particular when its made into a stew . Deep fried its a bit tough.
New Posts  All Forums: