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When I was there you could not walk in bare feet from your chaise lounge to the pool less you get a bad burn.
Kitchen cost more to build then front of houise. They want to use your $ to do this?  You have kids to support forget it. You said it had no venelation system. This alone could cost you thousands.
Stealing staff from other places has long been practised in New York.I I have done it i Florida myself.
It could be a bit of both. Suction between slices, or water and sugar content and pectin
cover patty with empty pie tin for about 2 minutes.
I don't know of 1 food facility in the business that cooks bacon in a frying pan. 95% cook in oven on parchment on sheetpans. 5 maybe on a grill. As far as olive oil? a drop of pam to start then in its own fat.
Hi Gloria welcome back. . How are things in Vegas ? I have not been there in a while.      Last time I went there were so many hotels built next to one another that when one walked in the street you could hardly see the sun. One hotel lobby led right into another. At times I did not realize what hotel I was in but its a great place. Good friend of mine opened a steak house there Its called The Palm.
Use unsweetened applesauce if possible.   With all the concern  above about things altered in foods. Its not only oils its almost everyhing brought to market for the consumer.
In fact in reverse there are candy companies that feature chili peppers and other type peppers in their boxed chocolate ,and they are quite good. We are not talking cheap brands .
If you are using citric powder yes that could burn since you are well over boiling point
New Posts  All Forums: