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You can do a respectable affair for  $37.50 pp.
 Chris is right!   I have the 1960 version. It should not be used today as a cookbook so to speak. If you ran a place using the recipes and some of the procedures you would go broke.    It is however a good  reference  of how things used to be done. Before modern technology and new methods of food handling. Before convection, microwave,  souvide,   and  induction, flash freezing etc.
Bensoate  soda is deadly if not used correctly. It is actually a form of poison WHEN NOT USED CORRECTLY. You will find in many foods 1 tenth of 1 % sodium benzoate used mostly as a preservative for the last 60 years read the labels.
Pig and calfs feet are used for head cheese, They  are much larger and contain far more gel then duck  feet. Therefore you must use almost 4 times as many duck feet to accomplish what one of the  other feet do.
Warm bacon salad dressing for spinach salad..  German Potato Salad. a base for clam chowder and pea soups as well as bean soup.
You are misinformed. It has been geneticly treated and is deemed safe by the FDA and other health orgs.
My error I use  bleach 05 pp then I rinse it. What the heck we swim in the stuff anyway.
 Mushroom dexelles added to sautéed spinach  or  Bread stuffing with pineapple /walnuts and sautéed mirepoix diced
I either steam it or lightly boil it in water with some milk and salt added.
I even spray   the chicken itself with a bit of hypochloride solution then  rinse it off.
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