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I wouldn't serve these in a prison.  GROOOOOOSS
Kuan  is 100%  correct   Make sandwiches wrap in paper refrigerate... Cole slaw on the side in 4 ounce soufflé cups,
A South African Lobster Tail will glow if left out for a day or too ,I believe its the phosphoresce content that does it
Read what I wrote at the top of this page, it all  still applies but even more. They are  the worst around and never tell the truth. This week The Feds turned  down their bid to join with US Foods.
Maybe he can go to Fantasy World at the Orlando Disney Resort
Gator to me taste like veal in particular when its made into a stew . Deep fried its a bit tough.
Depends on the type of machine. If your talking the kind purchased in dept. stores  forget it. If the old fashioned grinding wheel like the guys in the trucks use, if you know how to do it.   OK.
I use potato chips(lo salt kind)
Customs wont allow many of hem back into the USA. Most time customs will confiscate any uncooked product. I have witnessed this at both the airport and cruise ships.   Listen to Phatch.
215-225 degrees Far. for 2 hours 15 minutes
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