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Lump crab is usually solid pieces and priced at a premium. Meat from the legs is stringy and cheaper.  Soft shell crabs are seasonal and are almost all edible .except eyes and tails and 2 pieces  cartillage  one on each side. Make  sure they are alive when you get them
Keep your feet clean. Wash them daily . Use an anti fungal powder or athletes foot medicine.   See a Podiatrist before you develop Cellulitis, which really hurts   Calluses develop where skin is rubbing against something, which indicates to me shoes are not fitted correctly.
For Steak try THE PALM or Smith-Wollensky
When  it gets you sick
Check, state, county, and city as well as village laws before you do anything. Each state varies
Dip it into a sweet batter then put in deep fryer for a Dutch type pastry.
Try The Happy Chef.com
Still use the tried and true way, follow up on wedding announcements in local papers and on line. Plus word of mouth
Mine says   My Name , my phone cell ,and, home , my fax , my internet,,  and only says                                                      C U L I N A R Y  A R T S                                             R E C I P E   D E V E L O P M E N T
Check pilferage and check the garbage cans. Do competitive bidding. Only one entrance in for employees and one exit out, with a camera
New Posts  All Forums: