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Each chair  on every table  has a pre assigned number . The server writes on his ticket #1 chicken  2/ 3/ 4 may be beef  5 may be fish  Its servers responsibility to deliver it correctly. Its never foolproof but it works most times after at of practise.
Roast it split upside down on racks in a pan.  Let it cool remove seeds, use fork to take inside out put into steam table pan with holes and excess water will drain out, I  prefer to prep  day ahead and it drains out pretty well.
An age old story.. I have been Chef at some of the biggest clubs in FLorida. 95 % do not make money 3% break even 2% might make money. The main function of the club is to make membership happy(and they never will be). Unfortunatly you have gentlemen who do not understand club concept or purpose. The fact that you have outlasted 3 managers ought to speak for itself. they are satisfied with you. I feel sorry for you dealing with these novices. All the ones I dealth with were...
I wont take up your time by having to read mine, but they are almost  the same as what Pete wrote in his answer to you   I would sooner hire a kid out of Burger King or Mcdonalds then a culinary school. Call it attitude .. Also they would know what it means to work.
Dont hold enough product, and takes a long time  to cook. If 4 or more people ordered same thing at once  Your Dead
Always remember his. When you open and own a restaurant you constantly have a tough boss. Who you ask??   The front door is your boss  It must be opened daily, staffed, cleaned, insured, purchased for, accept deliveries for.do accounting and assorted paperwork for, and closed daily.There is never enough time in the day. It is cheaper to work for someone else
When I was there you could not walk in bare feet from your chaise lounge to the pool less you get a bad burn.
Kitchen cost more to build then front of houise. They want to use your $ to do this?  You have kids to support forget it. You said it had no venelation system. This alone could cost you thousands.
Stealing staff from other places has long been practised in New York.I I have done it i Florida myself.
It could be a bit of both. Suction between slices, or water and sugar content and pectin
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