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Although Pete and I never met, we shared ideas and different food hints and tricks over the years, he was an old timer and he new his onions. Plus he was just a good guy. Chef talk will miss his input . He was a true master and most likely will be cooking up there.  Condolences to his family Ed Buchanan
What liquids do you add, water, stock ,tomato, juice, wine? You need something
Toss in sauce right before serving. Also add a bit of cornstarch to your  batter as this repels moisture. It wont stop it if you hold pork a long time, but it will help
He is writing off  8.00 per meal per employee as a business expense for tax purposes
The difference is the frozen have up to 20% liquid solution added to it both pumped and glazed; It will state that on the package somewhere. Take them out 2 days before put on rack in fridge cover let thaw all moisture will come off.  People think those bags of frozen are cheaper they are not they are about same price figuring up to a 20% loss.
First eliminate catsup(to much sugar and will burn quick and get bitter. Next assuming you did not caramelize any  veges. An was not overcooked it should not be bitter. To get the bitterniss or acid taste out add a pinch of baking soda(some people use sugar I don't) It kills acidity like it does in your stomach.
In this day and age the word out of season means nothing. If you go to a good market almost everything is all year round sourced from different countries and locations.
In my opinion   these people are CHEAP, 3 dips and grapes ? why bother .Just  show them pictures of food. As far as running out of food, they will blame you and its your reputation , think about it.
Black is back
Braises Asian Style chicken thighs, Young Chow fried rice, egg roll(I did not make eggrolls) just wife and I outdoors on patio
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