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Mozzerella goes with both of these (like antipasti
Great documentary!  What I found the most interesting on the ships was the way they get rid of trash and garbage.
Very creative, but a bit gaudy, great if used on a large platter or display.
Most places today don't want to hire a Chef they feel they can do it by producing food in a factory setting and assembling it at the specific location.
1. Food poisonings could affect thousands, not simply a plane crash or 2. How can any average citizen offer alternatives when our government is so corrupt and only listens to big money. The government usually steps in after the food is released for consumption. By the time it does anything ,in most cases the food has been consumed. Every regulation that would help the consumer is driven down into the ground by big food business lobbyist,  Tyson, Smithfield, Purdue lead...
Depends on corporate or owners guidelines.
They used to have an inspector in every plant , now they visit the plant. The government has cut their budget so much' Re. food, chicken as well as meat inspections that it is impossible for them to function. My best friend was a meat inspector , he retired , he was never replaced.  The other matter that should be addressed even more is where the meat comes from(the Source)  Senator David Purdue is very active in this. Our meat comes from Romania, Brazil, Chili, Australia ...
The FDA has no more meat inspectors, they have been phased out . All the plants are on self inspection which is a farce. FDA does not respond to a problem until after the problem occurs. In other words a recall the contaminated product has already been released to the public and almost all consumed before they issue a recall. They are a total joke. An example is the peanut butter problem years ago > The plant was still shipping and allowed to stay open way after the...
Reason Escolar is so popular is price. It is probably  the cheapest fish you can buy. Years ago Tilapia was  the same thing. Only difference is Tilapia does not give you the  runs , or bother your intestines. I would avoid it.
I find that by adding cold liquid and whisking it in as roux heats creates few if any lumps.
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