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I favor the gold but each one has a specific use. Plus its what you favor. As long as the finished product is good, that's all that really  matters
Take any formula you have for a full pan and jst divide it into 2 pans????
Most burns are caused by carelessness on someones part.
I shop in  many stores in  the South . I have found Aldee  to be the least expensive but like Costco they do not have the product all the time. Costco is by far the cheapest on pharmacy . Walmart is # 2 for price I have found them 20 to 25% across the board cheaper then Publix or Kroeger.But their produce stinks.  Publix being he most expensive.       Crackers and cookies and frozen veges and some grocery  Dollar Tree is the cheapest. When that guy carries your basket out...
30 years ago it was determined that meats cured or processed with nitrates or nitrites caused cancer when cooked over open flame..  It has also been determined that having  sex causes cancer . Maybe this is why we all die eventually..
Never thaw out at room temp its dangerous. Plan ahead. Do not cook in oven unless you want shoeleather . Follow what Chef Bubba says.
Panini    You are so right. When I taught in the Private school sector all they were worried about is food cost and labor cost and most of all PROFIT. They could not care about anything else.  Public school was different  as they did not care about cost, because the taxpayer footed  the bill. But if I ordered something  80%of the time I would not get it.  How do I  teach them how to make macaroni and cheese when I did  not  get the cheese? There answer  Improvise....
My   trusty Citizen Echo
In fact it  is a heat sink
I have used coffee mate non dairy creamer many times it works great and imparts very  little taste. Plus it does not go bad and does not break
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