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Sorry, Achatz. A dinner, even at your storied restaurant, is NOT a concert or a play.    Dining, even fine dining, is a social affair. The whole experience is an interplay between diners, servers, chefs and cooks. You and your staff are there to serve and create a comfortable environment for everyone.   Maybe since you charge an arm, leg and firstborn child to 'taste" your food, you could have made a small effort to assist your patrons with their child or...
Ok. Looks sad for lots of reasons http://money.cnn.com/2014/05/05/investing/lime-shortage-drug-cartels/
Does anyone know what the reason for the hike in lime is? Ive heard a few stories, but am not sure which is credible.
Seems like several ethnic groups are being excluded from your search. What you are offering is really vague. Do you expect working chefs to leave their jobs during the busiest season of the year and travel promoting YOUR product or charity? What are you offering for compensation? Will you pay travel expenses? What's it all about?
Openness, Honesty about their skills, Enthusiasm, Punctuality, Dedication, Energy.   I've hired several people with no skills at all but they had the above. One eventually graduated first in her class at the CIA and became Susan Spicer's sous chef.  Others worked out well too. Only one was a complete bomb and left within a month. 
Puree of avocado and strawberries would be grey.  Not that attractive. Unless it's a citrus, nix the idea of fruit with fish. It's just icky. I've tasted many attempts at it and been repulsed every time.   However, strawberries with mozzarella and arugula as a salad would be a nice combo-the sweet tartness of the berries is a nice counterpoint to the peppery greens and the creamy fat from the cheese smooths it all out. Nice combo texturally too.   If you can get a...
Adding a little oil and also some dry milk powder will help to tenderize a whole wheat bread some. However, you are comparing apples to oranges.  As others have stated, there just is not as much gluten to develop in WW flour as in white flour. Unless you add some white hi-gluten flour to your dough, you'll still end up with a coarser, denser bread.   Many of us like that though. 
Over the years I've found this forum to be one of the most civil I've ever seen.   As one always finds in professional food forums, there are always one or two that have to prove they know more than everyone else, or those who cannot keep from writing thesis style responses to simple questions. However, the moderators are really great here and keep it remarkably friendly.   Everyone in the world winds up showing a bit of derriere once in a while and I'm no exception,...
Wow those berries and cheeses sound amazing Chris. This is a fun idea for a thread. Post pics of the great local foods you find at a farmers' market!   Are there vendors at the Belgian markets that sell "value added" foods Chris? Things like prepared foods? Some markets here in the US do, some don't. Always wondered what the small village markets in Europe had.
This happens all the time. Employers interview folks, make all kinds of promises (with vague qualifiers) to get them to sign on, then don't deliver. Set your rate value for yourself and stick to it from the get go. If they want you, they will negotiate. Every employer knows how hard it is to hire and retain good employees. If you are that good, they will do what they can to keep you. It's less expensive to pay a good employee more than to hire a bunch of "bodies" and be...
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