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I find it worrying that anyone thinks this relates to the OP or makes any sense at all 
We save a lot of money by changing our lighting. Call your electric company and ask them to do a power audit for you. Their suggestions have helped us a lot. Also, replace worn gaskets on all your refrigeration. It's a small cost, but does wonders for your power bill.
Uh, Charleston is is South Carolina. They are two different states with somewhat different culinary vernaculars.
I think I was unclear in my original post. The rental kitchens are closing. I was not referring to the small, food-oriented start-ups. Hudson Valley Foodworks had big production kitchens that could be used my several operators at once with dry and refrigerated storage available too. The one in NJ had several small production kitchens available for rent.   With all the demand for commercial kitchen space, why are these sources of such space closing?
I have noticed that although EVERYONE seems to be looking for commercial kitchens to rent time in, a good number of large ones set up to do just that are going out of business.   Hudson Valley FoodWorks in Poughkeepsie, baled out a few years ago and now another in NJ is calling it quits too.   Does anyone have an idea why this seems to be happening? Especially since there are now so many food trucks, caterers, small food producers etc?
They have cowboys in Thailand?
Need to make some brownies
I'm trying to gauge the need for Incubator/Production Kitchens in the Hudson Valley Region of NY. Since there was so much response to the post about the kitchen in Greenwich, CT, I thought I'd ask who in this area might be looking for work space in the Putnam County/Upper Westchester/Lower Dutchess County area.   I know of a couple locations that might be suitable for new food producers, caterers, teachers, food photographers to use on a daily basis, but there needs to...
I've found The Book of Yields to be a total waste of money. He calculates every yield as a number of servings, but does not specify the size of  those servings in any readily usable form. For example, he gives a number 10 can of beans as 24 servings. What use is that to anyone trying to figure cost if you are using the can of beans in a prepared salad or soup with other ingredients? Now if he said a #10 can of beans is 24 1/2 cup servings, or 12 cups or something like...
No wonder-straight beet juice is kind of disgusting, as is straight spinach and kale juice. But blended with other fruit and veggie juices, they can be delicious.Be careful who you get your juices from. If they don't sanitize their veggies and fruit, it can make you sick with all kinds of nasty bacteria. E-coli being just one of them. Just rinsing in water does not get rid of them. It's important to sanitize and rinse.   A bit of beet juice can be a real pick me up though....
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