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There's not an easy answer to this one Summer.   By GPD I assume you mean Gross Profit Distribution (or Dispersion)? I also assume you know that obtaining the menu price is based on calculating the cost of the dish, then figuring up to compensate for expected waste (dropped, returned, comped), then dividing by the reciprocal of your projected gross profit. For example: (Cost / .95 [5%waste]) /.3 assuming 70% Gross Profit    Alternatively, you can take your menu...
Then the guy is a nitwit and should not be anyone's culinary instructor.Caramel-3 syllables-is a sugar concoction. Carmel (in NY-CAR mel, in CA-car MEL, don't know how they say it in Israel) is a place. That's it. Genoise is still genoise whether it has cocoa in it or not.
Aren't all animals killed while they are still alive? What would be the point of killing something when it's already dead?
The NY Times did a story a few days ago about this too.  The shutdown seems to have affected the opening plans for quite a few new microbreweries in the boroughs of New York as well.   Glad it's over for now.  Holding my breath until January when the madness begins again.
One more way that the shutdown is hurting economic growth.
We have a small (>800 sq. ft) coffee, juice and smoothie bar. We serve no meat, and the only dairy is milk for the coffee and yogurt for the smoothies. Nevertheless, we station 6" lexan 1/3 pans with sanitizing solution and a bar towel at the juicer/smoothie station and the espresso station. We use them for wiping down spills of  coffee, steamed milk, fruit and veggie bits from the juicer. On our last inspection our only violations were 1) no exhaust fan in our bathroom...
Bottom round is really not a suitable cut for slow cooking as it is too lean, devoid of the fat and connective tissue that slowly melts during slow cooking to yeild a tender and delicious pot roast. Bottom round is much tastier if you sear the surface until well browned, then transfer to a dry oven to roast until the center is rare to medium-rare. Rest, the slice thinly for great roast beef sandwiches. If you slow cook it to well done, you'll end up with a bunch of dry,...
I recommend Plutos Carribbean Bliss. You can get it at lots of places but also through his website -http://www.plutosinc.com/ Check out his recipes. They're terrific. I used to work with Plutoand every Thanksgiving he would jerk a big turkey for everyone to share! Tender,spicy and delicious-it disappeared in about 10 minutes!
I quit drinking for a different, yet similar reason. First wine, then liquor and now even beer triggers terrible migraines in me, even after just half a glass! The fun of the buzz just didn't equal the pain sure to come later. I have learned though, that just a taste does not do any damage and that tasting wine or liquor in a dish will not cause them either. Taste a spoonful, but just that. You'll be amazed at how much more sensitive your palate is now that it's not always...
Your best bet is to supply us with a recipe. Usually, cakes sink in the middle due to too much leavening or an inappropriate ratio of leavening to acid.   It could be the sour cream you are using is more acidic than what you used before. Also, whomever is measuring your ingredients could be sloppy.    Supply us with the recipe and we can probably help you figure it out.
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