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Your best bet is to supply us with a recipe. Usually, cakes sink in the middle due to too much leavening or an inappropriate ratio of leavening to acid.   It could be the sour cream you are using is more acidic than what you used before. Also, whomever is measuring your ingredients could be sloppy.    Supply us with the recipe and we can probably help you figure it out.
There's a five year waiting list for new food truck permits in NYC. You still need to be permitted from NY Dept of Agriculture and Markets. You will also need liability insurance and appropriate packaging/labeling.   Farmers markets are a good starting point to market your food wares, but they are already mostly overloaded with baked goods. Unless you source your ingredients from local farms you'll have a hard time getting into them   If your goods have some popular...
My hunch is that the problem lies in freezing cream cheese. It always breaks into grainy curds after freezing. I've never seen an ice cream recipe that uses cream cheese before.  Have you ever tried skipping the cream cheese?
While I agree to a certain extent with the other commenters here, you do have alternatives. You may want to check out the the Natural Gourmet Cooking School in NYC. They will be a bit more tolerant of food restrictions than most traditional culinary schools.  Here is their website:http://www.naturalgourmetschool.com/   You must understand, though, that this will limit your marketability to a certain extent. The graduates of this program that I've worked with seem...
I've shown this before, but this is why I become a vegetarian during the summertime I'll admit, it's not special, or cheffy, but the main ingredient makes it so.   .      
Simple, classic-Panzanella Salad! Love summer tomatoes!  
The trick to making creamy desserts with cocoa only is to "bloom" the cocoa in very hot water before adding to your cream mix. This essentially softens the grains of cocoa and unlocks the cocoa butter from the dry solids and allows them to expand so they mix well with the fatty milk. I use about a 1;1 ratio of cocoa to hot water and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes, then slowly add in your milk/custard mixture. I've tried heating the milk or cream and adding it...
The origins of our current population and turning points in US history are really too diverse to lend any credibility to such generalized statements.   Is Nigella talking about the pilgrims? In that case, they certainly weren't starving until they got here-just motivated by such strong religious zealotry that no one wanted them around.    Or is she talking about the wave of immigration from Ireland in the early to mid 19th century? In that case, yes, they were...
What's all that granular brown stuff spread over the top and sides?
It's important to bake creme caramel in a water bath and to make sure the amount of water surrounding the ramekins is almost level with the custard within the cups. This assures even baking. It's also is helpful to pour hot tap water around the ramekins when you set them in the oven. I'm not sure why, but doing so always gives me a better product in the end.
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