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Jeez, get over it. Grow a thicker skin and face the reality of the industry we work in.     One does not learn English, or any other language, overnight-it's a gradual process of memorizing vocabulary and then grammar.  All the Spanish-speaking kitchen staff I've worked with have been open to fellow employees helping them learn the language and make a huge effort to increase their mastery.   Heck, it's not hard to learn some rudimentary kitchen Spanish anyway. 
Are you adding any chopped "seed" chocolate to the melted? This starts the formation of the "good" crystals that hold the temper.
For those of you with Plantar Fasciitis, I really sympathize with the pain you're living with. I had the same thing in both feet for years and it made me feel like a total cripple. After begging for the cortisone injections too frequently for my doctor's comfort, he suggested shockwave therapy. Of course, the insurance company would not cover anything that actually cures the problem, but I sprung for it anyway.  Eight years later-no heel pain, though my pocket is...
Happy news for both of you expecting Moms-Kendra and Lisa! May all go swimmingly for you both. Ditto on the support stockings for your legs. Reducing salt intake will help   Of course, everyone's experience is different, but I found out a few things weathering two pregnancies while working in a pro-kitchen.   #1 early in your pregnancy, you'll get  "the sleepies" during the afternoon. Power naps saved me. I just found a quiet place in the dining room or...
I do pretty much the same thing as FlipFlopGirl, only I mark where the cuts are to go and use a big, 2-handled cheese knife sprayed with pan release to cut the bars.
Why not look for a used commercial coffee grinder? Send a bunch of rice through it to help clean it out of coffee residue, then set it on the most coarse setting and grind up spices to your heart's content
It's about time someone does it. Maybe it will help clean up the sordid practices so prevalent in this industry. People should see how counter-productive it is. However, it's kind of glorified by chefs like G. Ramsay
Looks like Sharp has brought back the Half Pint only just in black! Ick I loved the "hard candy"-like colors.   However, I found a fellow in Massachusetts who refurbishes them, then sells them on ebay. I might just have to get one of the candy apple red ones.
I was given this little microwave when I attended a press luncheon and lecture given by the National Potato Board, probably about 10 years ago. It's the perfect little microwave-nothing fancy. Turntable, popcorn setting, defrost and timed setting. Easy to use, cute and takes up little counter space. I'm not a big microwave user. I only use it to make popcorn, heat up leftovers and melt chocolate. This little guy was perfect! And did Did I mention it looks...
You should probably try buying this chocolate in bulk. You can obtain 5 kilo slabs of unsweetened chocolate from quite a few chocolate manufacturers. Callebaut has a good quality one that you will find is better than the Bakers' brand. Peters (owned by Nestle) also makes a 5 kilo bulk slab as do several others.    When scaling a recipe up to the proportions you describe, I'd avoid making major changes and adjustments such as substituting cocoa for the solid...
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