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Try Green Papaya on E Pine...The best Vietnamese out of Vietnam! Wonderful, wonderful! Lyne
maybe we could turn the school into a restaurant? I do know people who are considering opening restaurants...I'll PM you later, Lyne
Hey, I work in a small Cooking School, and retail outlet (kitchen stuff) in Seattle. We are looking for a part time knowledgeable person to help organize, host, advise, and sell during our classes. We have Celebrty Chefs from local Seattle restaurants, Ethnic classes; Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Sushi, baking series, basics series, Vietnamese, Old World Strudel, BBQ,Breads, name it, we offer it! Bonus...the tasting! But, we need one more person, so everybody...
How does it help Cheftalk? L
Well, I guess it's too late for tonight... But do you have a BBQ? A wild Salmon Filet on the grill, an easy Caesar Salad, Crusty bread, with grilled asparagus, and fresh cut up nectarines, or peaches over ice cream, would wooo my heart! The salmon needs nothing special, just a little salt and pepper, on the grill... when salmon is firm, and you see white foamy juices coming out. Remove from grill.( should still be pink inside,don't overcook) Asparagus: Cut ends off,...
Why not look at Seattle? The Seattle Art Institute Culinary Program is awesome. It's board is filled with local Seattle Chefs, and is REALLY GOOD! There is, also South Seattle Community College, whose program is HUGE! Take a look at their graduates, especially in Pastry! It's legendary! L
I fogot to say, if you get the right pre heat, you'll be good to the cast iron radiates heat. L
Go with Lodge. They are the best, and stand behind everything they sell. They have a geat griddle pan that sears steaks with "marks"...awesome! L
Sorry, but are cup cakes, patty cakes? A Kiwi, not sure... L
Use Challah for your's awesome! Lyne
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