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I will always remember the kindness and generosity in his posts.   He will be missed. Condolences to his family...
Thanks Dan, I'll be sure to check it out!
I've been a stranger for so long on Chef Talk I'm kind of embarassed to be asking, but I figured where else can I go for the best foodie-travel advice?   So here goes.  My friend and I will be travelling to Alba this October (5 weeks and counting!).  We will do Florence, Bologna, Lake Como, and a few other stops too.  Our biggest interest is of course the white truffle which we would give our right arm for an opportunity to hunt down ourselves.  Other biggies are...
I agree with CC. Fat absorbs all kinds of flavours and aromas, more than anything else in the freezer. Besides, most of us grab a quick slice of compound better and put it back int he freezer wiht a less than perfect seal, thus accelerating the process even further. Did you taste your Merlot butter? How is it?
Bonne fête mon choux! May all your dreams come true!
From Julia's Mastering the Art.. 3 c Pitted black cherries 1 ¼ c Milk 1/3 cGranulated sugar 3 Eggs 1 TbspVanilla extract 1/8 tspSalt ½ cFlour Butter for greasing Powdered sugar for dusting
Really? No one wears their merry widow? :D I like tanks with built-in bras in summer and thin t-shirts in the winter. I hate the feel of synthetic fibers on my skin. It's gross when you're sweating.
I've ben asked to do a Julia Child series based on Mastering the Art of French Cuisine (quelle surprise!). Julia has always been my hero and I have my own favourites, but I'm curious to know what are your favourites from that book and why? Which recipes are pivotal and essential? Which ones changed your gastro-life? Which are most fun to you?
Let the cheese speak for itself. Keep your accompaniments separate, your breads and crackers plain and your honey in a small jar or ramekin. (Not everybody likes it.)
If they grind them up, the chicks are NOTwasted. Otherwise they would use a cheaper method to dispose of them. I know we're all very uncomfortable with the idea of going through a grinder but it looked pretty quick to me. I'm sure they don't see it coming, nor do they have enough life experience to get too philosophical about it. We are omnivores; you don't need therapy for that. If a grizzly bear decides to eat me for lunch, please don't make him feel guilty by...
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