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Hey you might want to try this query in the professional chef and the professional catering forums too. I saw a previous post in the professional chef's forum about software, so maybe they know more.
Here's a good place to start? It's a list of top software picks in what you are looking for. http://www.capterra.com/restaurant-management-software/
I know @Fablesable can probably give you good input on this.    However I would like to say that food safety is really important and you should not avoid learning it.
Just to melt or melt and temper?
I do that too, @panini, but the OP said they like a super soft set........so I just went with that.
Hey, @Luc_H, you know which forum you're posting on, right? The professional pastry chef's forum? 
My panna cotta recipe uses three leaves of gelatin to set 3 cups of cream/milk which is equivalent to 750 ml. So the recipes you were using were definitely deficient on the amount of gelatin needed for the panna to set. As long as you're not bringing the gelatin to a boil in any way during your preparation process, it's nothing that you're doing wrong. Except I'm not exactly sure if your sheets of gelatin are fully dissolving by adding it to a fairly lukewarm liquid. To be...
@Luc_H, I'm not even sure you know what you're talking about because you completely contradicted yourself. First, you wrote: First of all, this sentence left me scratching my head. Huh? Second, you agreed that cooked up native cornstarch is not very freeze/thaw stable, which is absolutely true.  I know from personal experience in production pie making, and regarding other cornstarch thickened items, such as pastry cream for example, that if you "cook it up", then freeze...
Well, first off, I must say, if you care at all about a quality product, the expectation of a 1 month shelf life is not even remotely realistic. At all. What kind of market are you shooting for? From what I can tell in the information provided so far, taste and quality are secondary to sales and shelf life. Correct me if I'm wrong. There are plenty in the "big food" market that provide chocolate chip cookies with an extended shelf life (Nabisco, etc) and I'm sure that's...
Regarding the problem of your pie fillings remaining soupy: A) Do you pre-cook your fillings? and B) What type of thickener are you using? Tapioca? Cornstarch? Arrowroot? etc   I ask because cornstarch, for example, doesn't thicken highly acidic ingredients very well, and it also doesn't hold up to freezing.    Regarding the leakage/sticking to the pan problem: This isn't an issue if your bottom crust has no cracks or holes in it. You also need a good crimped edge...
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