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Thanks for sharing this! I knew this was all happening.......kinda makes it worse seeing it written down......my hunches have been validated!
"I'm sorry, that job has already been filled by ChefJet."     Great.
I love LBA products. I use the 2" or 3" tart shells all the time for individual fruit tarts. I bake off the shells, rub the insides with a thin layer of melted white chocolate so the shells don't get soggy, then fill with pastry cream. I refrigerate them that way until the day of the order. On the day they are due is when I top them with fruit and glaze them with apricot glaze. I really don't recommend topping them with fruit the day before. They'll be JUST OK if you do...
The best way to cut cheesecake is to slice them partially frozen. I always bake up a bunch of cheesecakes at once and throw them in the freezer (they freeze really well). When I want to slice one, I bring it out of the freezer and let it thaw for about 45 minutes. Then with a hot knife, they slice like a dream. Hot knife=knife in a pitcher of very hot water. 
I definitely would want to read a memoir written by a professional pastry chef. Are there any out there? I don't know. If there are, I sure would like a heads up!   I've been a pro for over 20 years. I've worked in large bakeries, small ones, cafes, and restaurants. I've done everything from artisan breads to wedding and sculpted cakes, to plated desserts. I went to school to learn my craft, but learned MOST of my craft AFTER graduating. I have lots of stories to tell...
My idea would not be to color the cookies, but to garnish them. Coloring them just makes them look.....well.....bizarre and unappetizing. Part of the charm of chocolate chip cookie dough is the combination of the brown sugar and the granulated sugar. You really need the brown sugar in the dough for the flavor. If you use granulated sugar and corn syrup, you not only get the wrong texture, but the cookie is overly sweet and lacks flavor. If I were doing a banana/peanut...
Yeah, I can't tell you how annoying it is to see the same old crap on dessert menus. As a pastry chef, I hate it because it's boring. As a diner, I hate it because it's boring. You want to come up with fun ideas that are different, but you're also kind of stuck doing the boring stuff, because that's what everybody wants. I think the best thing to do is do the boring stuff, but come up with your own twist. 
I will try that recipe. Will I see a difference if I use corn syrup in place of the glucose?
I haven't made a lot of ice cream in my career, but I've made enough to sort of know what I'm doing.    I know a lot of pastry chefs use stabilizers in their bases, but I don't know what the stabilizers are and what they are meant to do.   So.......I made this batch of french vanilla ice cream and it tasted great right out of the ice cream machine. But after a few days in the freezer (in a well sealed container), it had this "icy" kind of taste....not creamy, and...
Weird…the only way parchment wrinkles is when it's placed on a wet pan. Actually it's more likely that it will curl up annoyingly. If your parchment wrinkles it must be super cheap or something. I don't use silpats because my Macarons tend to spread more on them, but I will say they are easier to lift off!
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