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@kuan.........I've used Mycryo in a pinch and it works OK, but honestly it doesn't really save that much time or hassle. Also, some years ago I bought one of those Chocovision "Revolation" tempering machines when I was but a noob. That didn't save much time either, and it only tempers 1 lb max at a time, and 1 lb of chocolate is basically nothing. Tempering really isn't that difficult once you're used to doing it. Holding temper and keeping the chocolate workable for...
@flipflopgirl, maybe you are going crazy. You reported the post because the OP wasn't a pro (and shouldn't be posting here). So I moved the post to the pastry and baking forum. If someone is improperly posting to this forum, don't reply to the post, just report it. 
I honestly don't think it will hurt anything, but it's completely unnecessary. The spraying part anyway. Brushing the excess flour off though is standard procedure.
@Dimitry Wongtai I'm wondering whether or not it's a laminated dough as well. Would you like to explain your theory behind the cream cheese baking soda thing? I've never heard of that and it sounds a little weird.
I'm just wondering what the heck this dough even's not like any rugelach I've ever made.......
I'm curious @panini, why do you think that might create a tougher chew?
What exactly are you trying to make? Knowing that might be helpful. You really can't get around letting the dough has to. Perhaps take the dough down halfway or three quarters of the way the night before, then do the final passes on the sheeter the next day. That may help, but you're still going to have a little bit of a snapback. The more you work the dough, the worse it will snap back without a good rest. Also, once sheeted, cut the dough squares a little...
It's not the sheeter. You always need to let dough rest after sheeting it out. 15 minutes minimum so the gluten can relax. Rest it in the fridge after sheeting, then make your cuts.
Books? YouTube Videos? Job experience? Practicing yourself at home?
I hate doing petit fours. Too much labor for not enough product. So I price mine in such a way that it will make it totally worth my time and cost prohibitive to the client. I always discourage people from ordering them by telling them there are so many other mini pastries that taste a lot better and are equally beautiful. Not to mention easier and less labor to crank out. 
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