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Excellent point, Luc_H!
I think flipflopgirl is on the right track as far as how much actual liquid you have in your recipe. That stood out to me too. Whether it's from weeping egg whites or just a ratio of too much liquid to gelatin or improper preparation of the gelatin.....I think that's where your problem lies.
From chefedb's comment about the liquor and it's effect on gelatin, and the fact you indicate you are boiling it, would lead me to suggesting you make your mousses again by flaming off the liquor and not boiling your gelatin and see if that solves it. If not, let us know and we'll try the next thing. 
Wow, it could be any number of things here. I need to think about it more and reply later. But one thing to know is never boil gelatin....because it ruins the thickening properties. It only needs to be heated just enough to dissolve.
Flour based buttercreams are pretty old-school and you can find a lot of those buttercreams accompanying Red Velvet Cake recipes.    @TREG, those additional ingredients that you add to whipped cream, whether it be gelatin, mascarpone, butter, roux, etc, act as stabilizers. That's why I used the term. Sorry if it confused you. In addition to stabilizing the cream, they also give it that "mouthfeel" and flavor you are looking for.
Did you read the whole thread, TREG? There are some suggestions regarding using gelatin and mascarpone to recreate the "cream" you are speaking of. We use the term "fake" because although it is actual cream, it has a lot of additives that pastry chefs don't normally use. So in this case, the term "fake" is misleading. If our above suggestions aren't suitable, I Googled "stabilized whipped cream" for you: http://www.wikihow.com/Stabilize-Whipped-Cream
Lauren1992......here in the US, or at least my part of it.......double cream IS whipping cream......so I'm guessing what you are saying is it would be the US equivalent of whipping half and half and heavy cream together.....which would actually be worse.....at least where I live.....
When you explain to any potential employer for the reason for your gap in employment, they're not gonna have a problem with it. It's legit. Employment gaps raise alarm bells for good reason, and the simple inclusion about your car accident in your cover letter should alleviate any concerns an employer might have.
Besides Marsala? Well.....there's the old standby....Grand Marnier......or Amaretto.....or Kahlua.....or Chambord......or Creme de Menthe.....or or or! Anything goes! Woo hoo!
Another suggestion: cupcakes....gourmet cupcakes of course. Or you can use acetate cake bands and display mini cakes very decoratively without them drying out, like so:
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