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More info needed! Like, what is your recipe? That would be a good start.    Also, if you're not a professional pastry chef, you should not be posting here. That question is better suited for the baking and pastry forum.
All I have to say about this is, baking at home, and baking as a profession, are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Get yourself some kind of part time job or internship in a bakery/pastry shop FIRST.......then you will have your answer.
I've made the kind of brownie you describe in lots of places I have worked, and I've never been fond of them personally, so I hear what you're saying. I've tested out lots of different brownie recipes, and the King Arthur Fudge Brownie recipe is my hands down all time favorite. I never add in the chocolate chips in the end though. Overkill and makes for higher food cost.http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/fudge-brownies-recipe
Maybe it would be helpful if you shared the recipe and technique you are using and we could troubleshoot it. Brownies aren't that complicated, you're right, but there are different recipes that give you different results. For instance, are you wanting a more fudgy brownie? Cakey? Chewy? What is it that you don't like about the one you are making now?
@headcheese65: Any chocolate that starts as a solid, such as a baton, chips, or pistoles, will re-solidify to that solid state once cooled, although it will be out of temper. Out of temper chocolate doesn't have that same snap as tempered chocolate, but it's still solid. If your client wants a softer chocolate filling at room temp, I would suggest they pipe a very firm ganache into the center of the pain au chocolat, rather than placing a solid baton in the middle. Of...
@hookedcook, you're welcome! I know a lot of people who cook on boats, since we're heavy into the marine trades up here. I know how you need to have the tried and true stuff ready to go, because there's definitely no time to experiment when you're out on the water. Glad I could help!!!
@hookedcook, Trust me, any vanilla ice cream recipe is going to work in the Pacojet, but to make you feel better, here is a recipe for vanilla ice cream that has been used on the Pacojet: (funny how the Pacojet website has ice cream recipes, but none of them are vanilla!): http://www.thestaffcanteen.com/chefs-recipes/pacojet-vanilla-ice-cream-2   I can see how you might be overthinking this whole thing, because you sort of seem to have a fear of desserts (which I...
It definitely would be helpful to have a picture to see exactly what you're talking about. Depending on what kind of cake, high gloss can be achieved in any number of ways. For instance, for chocolate dessert items, you can make a chocolate mirror glaze. Other dessert items can be "glossed" with fruit and clear glazes.
Yes. THAT. Exactly!!!!!
Just personal preference. I've never had a need for it because all my fillings are cooked anyway. When I have had the opportunity to use it, I didn't like the lumpiness that happened afterward. 
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