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Ok, yeah, I'm not the one who's defensive. But whatever. I'm not really into this drama crap, so this is my last word on the subject. My basic point is really to say that you don't really need a "quenelle spoon". There's equipment worth spending money on, and there's equipment that's NOT worth spending money on. A "quenelle spoon" is one of those things. You can get a spoon that fits your needs at a thrift store for 10 cents. How much do they charge for a "quenelle spoon"?...
Don't get your panties in a wad there, sweetie. I did say in my original post that some spoons work better than others. If you're buying some fancy "quenelle spoon", that's your business. I found many suitably shaped spoons for 10 cents apiece at the thrift store.  I need a time machine so that I can go back 24 years and re-quenelle all those quenelles that I didn't quenelle properly because I didn't have a proper quenelle spoon. While I'm at it, I'll go back to culinary...
Whatever works for you. As IceMan reiterated, some of us can quenelle with almost anything. 
Ha....really? For me, a quenelle spoon has always been.....a spoon. There are some I like better than others, and for me, quenelling has always been matter of technique rather than the shape of the tool. That said, I personally hate the shape of quenelles and don't do it often. I AM interested in the square scoop though! That sounds cool. 
This assumption is correct. The fat in the cream adds a lot to the final body of the finished custard. In this case substituting stout for cream is not a direct substitution, so you have to add in the extra body where you can and you used extra yolks. 
Thanks for posting Mr. Prats!   Two things intrigue me: The use of still mineral water and its effects on the flour (something I didn't know) and also the point of making sure the butter is melted BEFORE the liquid comes to a rolling boil. Do you know why that makes a difference? I'm going to try that and see if it makes a difference for me. 
Sounds like you have the right things in supply.......I would add tuiles to that. When I have "spare" time (ha), I make a lot of tuile type things in different shapes.....spirals, butterflies, spoons, various shapes like hearts and circles and diamonds, etc. I consider tuiles to be my "get out of jail free card" because they look great and have a neutral flavor so you can pretty much add them to any plated dessert.   Oh, I've also had great luck storing spun and...
That link you posted is interesting, flipflopgirl. Two things piqued my interest: the use of still mineral water, and making sure the butter was melted BEFORE the liquid reached a full rolling boil. I have to wonder why that would make a difference, but heck, I'll try anything once. I don't have trouble making choux, but there's no reason you can't do something better!   stephanie91, maybe in your case, using the still mineral water might make a difference for you. 
Because of the extra liquid added, you need more "egg power" to set the custard. Adding a few extra yolks may help.....certainly won't hurt anything.
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