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@lazar89, The OP wanted to know if they could make the white chocolate itself, not for recipes using white chocolate. Also, this forum is for pros only......if you're not a pro you should refrain from posting. Thank you!
Well, I guess my take on it is, we're "pastry" chefs.........and we make all those things. Cakes, breads, cookies, pies, croissants, danish, biscuits.....
Well, you are multiple attempts at it ahead of me, that's for sure. I hope someone who has made them successfully can chime in at some point.
@D Whiz .......check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr-yaD1Gc1Y   The first 5 minutes is just a lot of dough stretching. This dough is a lot like phyllo/strudel dough. It has to be thin enough to see through, and not even a pasta roller gets it that thin, so doing it the way the video shows is probably the best way to go to get a good pastry. Check it out!
I have attempted making them once and my results weren't great. I usually work at things until I get them down, but I never attempted a second try at this because I just wasn't wild about this particular pastry in the first place. You definitely need a pasta roller for this. Sheeters never go thin enough.
I agree with what ChefRoss said. A steam oven's purpose is NOT to add moisture to a baked item. It's purpose is to help form a crustier loaf of bread. The steam is injected into the oven for only a very short period of time as well.....30 seconds or so.    I haven't yet jumped on the gluten free train but I do know that of all gluten free items, bread is the hardest to do. Mostly because bread DEPENDS on gluten development for texture and structure. I have my doubts that...
I wouldn't be able to answer your question unless I saw the videos and could see what kind of glaze they were working with. If you're just melting couverture or candy melts without another ingredient, like cream for instance, then of course it would be hard to work with and set up too fast.
Coating peels? Are you talking about couverture or candy melts maybe? I haven't used either for this particular glaze, but I don't see why you couldn't.
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