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Julia Child was a good sport.  I remember when she was on Battle of the PBS Stars.  Hard to believe she didn't win by disqualification.   Kevin  
I second Hot Doug's for a fun lunch.  Someone once wrote a long thread about it on this site.  Wait, it was me.  It's only open until 3:00 or 4:00.  Go on Friday or Saturday for the duck fat fries.   I also suggest Cafe Iberico on N. La Salle for tapas.  The specials menu always has some nice dishes.   Kevin
 "...don't try to catch a falling knife."Applies to the stock market, too.Kevin
 Good point.  I usually have a dog or two with the works as an appetizer.  LOL.Kevin
I would go here.  Don't forget the duck fat fries served on Friday and Saturday.  Super fun place.
 Unfortunately, my daughter will be competing in a scholastic competition in Madison on that date.Kevin
Mark Kurlansky has written some interesting books: Cod, Salt, and The Bog Oyster. Another is Caviar: The Strange History and Uncertain Future of the World's Most Coveted Delicacy by Inga Saffron. This is really more science writing, but I liked it a lot. The Secret Life of Lobsters: How Fishermen and Scientists Are Unraveling the Mysteries of Our Favorite Crustacean by Trevor Corson. He also has a sushi book I've not seen. Michael Ruhlman and Anthony...
Well, it's hot, and there's a lot of flipping, tossing, and turning. Almost as fun as it gets with your clothes on. Kevin
When I ordered the wok I have coming from The Wok Shop, I ordered a bunch of other stuff. Ladle, spatula, perforated scoop, brass wire and mesh skimmers, bamboo steamers and whisks, two lids (one for the flat bottom wok i bought last week), and last but not least, three wok rings. What's cool is the whole deal was $121.00 bucks plus $17.00 for shipping. Less than an All-Clad frying pan. Awesome. Two of the rings are for experimentation. I have these Knipex bolt...
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