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All-Clad Copper Core 8-Quart Stockpot

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Stock Pots


Pros: Holds heat long, even cooking

Cons: Price, can be hard to clean, slow to boil

Out of all my pots and pans, this one I find I use the most.


It is a great for a number of different things, from roasting bones for stock, to deep frying to making soups and stews.


I like to cooking in big batches and find this size perfect.


The walls are really think, which allows for very even cooking, and deglazes well when doing meats.


The copper core is nice (a layer of copper in between 2 layers of steel & aluminum), and ensures even heating and is excellent for heat retention.  If I ever need to store left overs, I need to take it out of the pot to cool.  And you don't have all the cleaning required for copper pots.


The walls are tall, which is good for deep frying.


The cons are you do need to scrub it sometimes really good with SOS pads or Barkeepers friend to get it really clean.  Its expensive.  And if your just trying to bring something to a boil, like water, then it will take longer than in a pot with thinner metal.

All-Clad Copper Core 8-Quart Stockpot

Up until now All-Clad's excellent heat conductivity has been a result of an aluminum core. Another metal equally efficient when it comes to conducting heat is copper. All-Clad now has a complete line of copper core stainless steel cookware which uses bonded 5-ply construction to achieve culinary perfection. The copper core is exposed in an attractive band around each piece, adding warmth, color, and authenticity. Unlike pans with an abundance of exposed copper, these pieces clean easily and are lined with durable food-safe stainless steel. Stock pots are used primarily for simmering and boiling as in stews, and pasta, or lobsters. This one is low and wide which means you could also put it in the oven if the occasion demanded.

List Price$445.00
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
TitleAll-Clad Copper Core 8-Quart Stockpot
FeatureLifetime warranty against defects
Size8 qt
MPN6508 SS
Package Quantity1
Height6.5 inches
Length12.5 inches
Weight7.75 pounds
Width11.8 inches
Material TypeStainless steel
Material Type Set ElementStainless steel
Model6508 SS
CountryUnited States
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
ChefTalk.com › Culinary Schools, Cookbooks & Cookware › Cookware › Stock Pots › All-Clad Copper Core 8-Quart Stockpot