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Art Institute of Dallas

In the Culinary Arts program, you’ll gain practical experience in the kitchen while studying the business of cost control, sanitation and safety, menu and beverage management, nutrition, and kitchen management. You’ll learn to produce food quickly and in quantity while working with others. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as line cook and pantry cook (garde manger). Program Description The Associate of Science degree program in Culinary Arts is a six-quarter program that develops students skills through a variety of culinary courses designed to teach classical cuisine techniques, as well as exploring International cuisine. Students will be exposed to a variety of world cuisines and use ingredients and techniques from around the globe. Instruction in kitchen management, purchasing, cost control, menu design, and dining room operation provides students with business acumen. The program focuses on both production and individual skills necessary to seek employment in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other catering or foodservice institutional settings. Program Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to: • Establish and maintain safety and sanitation procedures • Prepare standardized recipes using a variety of cooking techniques which meet industry quality standards • Prepare a variety of international recipes utilizing the correct techniques, ingredients and equipment which meet industry quality standards • Describe and perform tasks related to common business practices in the culinary industry, including inventory, menu planning, cost control, and food purchasing • Describe the principles of food and beverage management • Define and articulate the core values of the culinary professional • Seek entry-level positions in commercial and institutional food service settings

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