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I like Bill G's books - a lot. I have a couple of others, too.
I first ate his food at Bills (no apostrophe, don't know why not!) in Oz a few years ago and brought back his first Ozzie cookbook with me. I try to get there each time I visit Australia.
He has been semi-living here in the UK for the past couple of years or so - and is a frequent guest on some of our cookery shows on TV, as well as his Aussie shows being run on UK TV, too.
There was a rumour that he was opening a restaurant in London (I think he has a couple in Aus now as well as one in Japan) - but I haven't heard whether or not it has happened. In today's economic climate, it might be a dicey thing to do.
Good review, btw.
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Thanks for the info, was looking to buy but, think I wait for now
Is this recipe copied directly from the cookbook? If so, more evidence as to why chefs should not write cookbooks.