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Boudreaux's Cajun Party Guide

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Boudreaux's Cajun Party Guide

Boudreaux's Cajun Party Guide is a fun book designed to help anyone plan a Cajun party. No matter if you are from Louisiana, Maine, or California, this book will help you with 15 different types themes for Cajun parties, with suggested music, games, jokes, recipes, contest, and even directions to play Cajun card games such as Bourée, an introduction to Cajun Scrabble, or directions to make a Cajun microwave. This guide will help the host by providing authentic Cajun party recipes. The instructions for a Cochon de Lait not only include directions for roasting a suckling pig, but also include frying the gratons. A free CD will be available to book purchasers that will help the host in planning and joke telling. This guide contains two joke-telling sections. The warm up is over a hundred reasons to tell someone is from Louisiana eef... and there are eighty jokes in the joke telling section. I'd suggest supplementing the jokes with one or both of Larry Boudreaux's original joke books. (Dat Boudreaux Ain't Me, It's Ma Cousin. and Aham Gonna Tell You Again...). 200 pages include 9 Chapters

AuthorLarry Boudreaux
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Publication Date2002-10-01
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TitleBoudreaux's Cajun Party Guide
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