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Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Nice grind, lighting, easy to adjust settings

Cons: Noise, Static, durability

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I purchased my first Smart grinder nine months ago. I was thrilled with it and thought I had found the perfect grinder for a French press grind that would change settings quick and easy.

I was able to set the grinder to 8 cups and toss a precise charge (+/- 1 gram). This was worked well daily for 9 months until the machine started to produce a lot of static and began tossing a charge that was off by up to 20 grams. Luckily I had bought the unit at a local store that swapped it out for a new unit.

Unfortunately the second copy is not nearly as accurate as the first and it produces more static.

The Hopper holds 13 ounces of beans and has a nice tight fitting lid. It has a quick release feature which I find of little value as you have to turn the machine up-side down and shake out the beans between the hopper and burrs (about 3 oz) or grind the machine empty before removing the burr.

The upper burr removes for cleaning.

Settings are super easy to use and dial in. This will no doubt be a big plus for a lot of users. The face is lit which is a nice feature for those early morning coffee grinding sessions. Unfortunately this machine makes enough noise to wake the neighbors. It is really loud.

The Smart Grinder comes with a cleaning brush and some other small attachments. 1 year warranty is a bit weak for a machine this expensive.

For the first nine months I was very pleased with this machine. In fact I thought it was great. However after having it die after 9 months of daily use and getting a not so great second copy has left me with a less than stellar out look on this machine. Currently I'm considering returning it for a refund and getting the Baratza Virtuoso which will certainly be my next grinder either way.

I find it hard to suggest this machine. The Cuisinart burr grinder retails for roughly $50. They are more than adequate for any thing other than espresso but even the Smart grinder won't suffice in that regard at a much higher price point. The upgrade in the smart grinder Vs the Cuisinart amounts to a more consistent grind, a little more convenience (when it throws the right amount in a charge) and it looks pretty schnazzy. Beyond that the static and longevity are problematic at least in the two units I have had.

These are priced the same at all e-tailers and stores that I found. If you decide to buy one I'd suggest going with a local store that can exchange the grinder hassle free or honor the warranty should the need arise.


Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

The perfect coffee starts with a precise amount of freshly ground beans. The Breville Smart Grinder™ contains Dosing IQ™ which automatically calibrates each dose every time the grind settings are adjusted, giving you the perfect amount you need each and every time. The Backlit LCD Screen has an easy-to-read large display with 25 Grind settings, number of cups/shots, and customized grind amount options for french press, drip coffee, percolator, and espresso.This machine will automatically grind for direct dosing into Portafilter, Grinds Container or Drip Filter Baskets.

List Price$249.99
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameKITCHEN
TitleBreville BCG800XL Smart Grinder
FeatureAccessories include two portafilter cradles, grind contanier and conical burr cleaning brush
Release Date2010-10-12
Package Quantity1
Height15.5 inches
Length6 inches
Weight5.6 pounds
Width8.25 inches
Warranty1 year limited
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