Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder Reviews


Bean there, Ground that!


Pros: Nice grind, lighting, easy to adjust settings

Cons: Noise, Static, durability

    I purchased my first Smart grinder nine months ago. I was thrilled with it and thought I had found the perfect grinder for a French press grind that would change settings quick and easy. I was able to set the grinder to 8 cups and toss a precise charge (+/- 1 gram). This was worked well daily for 9 months until the machine started to produce a lot of static and began tossing a charge that was off by up to 20 grams. Luckily I had bought the unit at a local store that swapped it out for a new unit. Unfortunately the second copy is not nearly as accurate as the first and it produces more static. The Hopper holds 13 ounces of beans and has a nice tight fitting...
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