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A Review On: Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

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Pros: Nice grind, lighting, easy to adjust settings

Cons: Noise, Static, durability

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I purchased my first Smart grinder nine months ago. I was thrilled with it and thought I had found the perfect grinder for a French press grind that would change settings quick and easy.

I was able to set the grinder to 8 cups and toss a precise charge (+/- 1 gram). This was worked well daily for 9 months until the machine started to produce a lot of static and began tossing a charge that was off by up to 20 grams. Luckily I had bought the unit at a local store that swapped it out for a new unit.

Unfortunately the second copy is not nearly as accurate as the first and it produces more static.

The Hopper holds 13 ounces of beans and has a nice tight fitting lid. It has a quick release feature which I find of little value as you have to turn the machine up-side down and shake out the beans between the hopper and burrs (about 3 oz) or grind the machine empty before removing the burr.

The upper burr removes for cleaning.

Settings are super easy to use and dial in. This will no doubt be a big plus for a lot of users. The face is lit which is a nice feature for those early morning coffee grinding sessions. Unfortunately this machine makes enough noise to wake the neighbors. It is really loud.

The Smart Grinder comes with a cleaning brush and some other small attachments. 1 year warranty is a bit weak for a machine this expensive.

For the first nine months I was very pleased with this machine. In fact I thought it was great. However after having it die after 9 months of daily use and getting a not so great second copy has left me with a less than stellar out look on this machine. Currently I'm considering returning it for a refund and getting the Baratza Virtuoso which will certainly be my next grinder either way.

I find it hard to suggest this machine. The Cuisinart burr grinder retails for roughly $50. They are more than adequate for any thing other than espresso but even the Smart grinder won't suffice in that regard at a much higher price point. The upgrade in the smart grinder Vs the Cuisinart amounts to a more consistent grind, a little more convenience (when it throws the right amount in a charge) and it looks pretty schnazzy. Beyond that the static and longevity are problematic at least in the two units I have had.

These are priced the same at all e-tailers and stores that I found. If you decide to buy one I'd suggest going with a local store that can exchange the grinder hassle free or honor the warranty should the need arise.



We've had our Breville Smart for about six months or so, use it for our French press (coarse grind) and vacuum coffee maker (medium grind), and so far it's performed perfectly. It is, as you said, very consistent -- far more consistent than any of the less expensive burr grinders (like the Cuisinart) or the better styled (retro!) KitchenAid -- and consistent grind size is very important for almost all brewing systems, especially French press. So far we love our Smart. So far. Now you've got me worried.

Worth repeating: No good for espresso, for a couple of reasons.
As a follow up I just returned the second Breville smart grinder. After 6 weeks the motor was burning up and making a strong electrical smell with each grind.
Totally bummed.