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Cakes to Inspire and Desire

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in Cakes


Pros: Truly unique designs, very presice instructions on the details of decorating the featured cakes

Cons: Not a smooth transition from beginner cakes to expert level

Combing through various cake decorating books at the bookstore, I stumbled upon Lindy Smith, by

surprise. Her book Cakes to Inspire and Desire was just one of the many that looked interesting. But Lindy's book stands out for several reasons. Visually the instructions inside are appealing and easy

to understand as they are sectioned into soft pastel blocks and its similar to a blog layout. This is not

only helpful to be reading in blocks, versus, a straight black and white page, but it makes referencing super easy. She starts the book with an Introduction that was complimentary but the equipment list is where she hit a home run. Each item is numbered in an organizational dictionary style so that if you

never saw an item you could locate it by number on the picture and cross reference to the name and

definition. She then spends time explaining pans, lining, icings and again with color coded pages and charts, she introduces recipes for the cakes in her book, and gives a thorough foundation for success on the techniques of cake-making itself, including covering, carving and one of the best basic explanations I have ever seen  on stacking and storage.

 This is where the book turns from a gradual progression into becoming a cake artist into

Lindy's own My space. She goes into great detail (8 pages) on...drum roll please.....wire beading!

Yep!  Not even remotely close to being edible!  So, nice if you are ALSO into that but I am a sugar

artist and that helped me... not at all. It was however, like I mentioned, like getting a peek into what

makes Lindy unique and so it is what it is. Moving on, the rest of the book is formatted like a

project book. If you want to duplicate step by step her cakes featured, you can. Because she shows

you. For example, my experience has been cake decorating books show you their masterpiece and

MAY show you a technique. The rest is written instruction. Lindy, however goes above and beyond. For example she has a Fine Wine cake that expands seven pages and has over 20 pictures. Brilliant!

No more saying what about this......? She has it covered! Unfortunately there will be beading on it too, but that is what you grow to love about her..( and this book) in a word it is just plain FUN! I recommend if you need a book by your side and a project to get some practice in cake decorating,

that you get TWO COPIES one for you and one for that one person who you can introduce to the

wonderful unique cake designs and techniques of Lindy Smith.  

Cakes to Inspire and Desire

*Written by a popular and experienced cake designer *Range of techniques and skill levels ensures broad appeal *Lindy's other best-selling titles include Celebrate with a Cake (28,000 copies sold) and Party Animal Cakes (20,000 copies sold) Readers will discover a collection of 15 truly inspirational and deceptively simple celebratory cakes, each with a modern and distinctive finish. Lavish colour photographs display a unique variety of traditional and contemporary styles from florals and frills to stripes and beadwork. Each cake is accompanied by exquisite mini-cakes to put a creative twist on the main theme, or to make as an alternative when time is short. Chapters are divided by shape, showing how a simple square or round design can be the basis for the most desirable of cakes.

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TitleCakes to Inspire and Desire
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