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Campbell's Tea, Coffee, And Spice Manual

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Campbell's Tea, Coffee, And Spice Manual

The writer does not challenge Criticism, but honestly courts it. If, in the perusal of this book, you end an error, or an article, which, in your judgment, is incorrect, or incomplete, and you have more authentic data at hand, please forward some to the author. We wiIl at all times be glad to receive honest criticism, reliable information, opinions and suggestions from those interested in and acquainted with the subjects hereh treated. Any special information cheerfulIy furnished for the ,asking, if oibtainable. The writer first turned his attention- to bud Teas and Coffees in the early eighties, when the public knew scarceIy any other than China and Japan Teas, and at which time, and for many years thereafter, the same unsuspecting public were buy-ing principaIly Mocha and Java Coffee, and drinking principally Rio, together with some Central American Coffees. In the course of time he graduated from a whole- sale grocery salesman to a Tea and Coffee specialty salesman, thence to a Tea and Coffee specialist so-called, thence to a blender of Coffees, with accumulated experience as a roaster-at the same time a blender of Teas, with a reasonable degrea of success, and finally to a buyer and blender of both Teas and Coffees for Wholesale Grocers, Tea and Coffee Houses and Wholesale Roasters, and is at this time acting in the capacity of buyer and blender of Teas and Coffees for one of the largest and most prominent Wholesale Grocers ahd Coffee Roasters an the Pacific Coast. While he has never had the temerity to call him- self an expert, be has, during these many years, accumulated a considerable fund of knowledge and experience, and knowing from the latter just how hard it is to acquire the former, he has compiIed the following for those interested in Teas, Coffees, Spices, etc. The data herein contained is the result of years ,of study, research and experience, and the writers thorough personal acquaintance with the Tea and Coffee shrubs and their.cultivation, culture, growth, harvesting, etc., both in the Gardens and upon the plantation. The condensed papers prepared in many instances especially for the writer and this work from Tea, Coffee and Spice ,Buyers, Brokers and salesmen from China, Japan, Java, Ceylon and India, on Teas, and South and Central America.....

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