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Chef Pak Edge

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Excellent and So Useful to Keep Everything You needing to carry in one place

Cons: I cannot see anything wrong with this product

I have asked for this ChefPak for my christmas present and to be honest can't wait till christmas to get it and make my life alot easier when travelling to and from Collage and my Work Placement


Pros: 15% Discount

We appreciate all the positive feedback on our product!  We started Chef Pak with the intention of creating a better way to carry our tools without using multiple bags or cases.  We spent a lot of time during the design phase to make sure our bag could carry a heavy load and also hold up to the wear and tear of the kitchen.  Based on the feedback so far, we are confident that we have created the ultimate, all-in-one backpack/knife case for chefs and culinary students.


Now we are extending our back to school discount of 15% for all the members of Cheftalk.com. This discount is in addition to the sales price of $98.95 so you can purchase the Chef Pak (knife case and backpack) for $84.11.  When you visit www.chefpak.com please enter the coupon code below to take advantage of this outstanding offer.



Discount: 15%

Valid through: October 31st (not available on the Chef Pak Fully Loaded)


Thanks and all our best,

Chef Dave and Tim



Pros: Fits knives and computer

Cons: NONE

Ever since my first day of culinary school over 15 years ago I had thought of a product like this. A comfortable and ROOMY knife bag that can hold all of my knives, gadgets and my laptop. Being a Chef in NYC it can be difficult to lug around a knife roll. The ChefPak changed that for me. Now when I get on the subway I have two free hands.


I have a compete ChefPak and have ordered a second as a gift to myself for the holidays. I can not wait to get the new knife roll to add to my already large collection of professional chef knives.

Chef Pak Edge

CHEF PAK is a high-value, sporty backpack that can easily accommodate all the needs of a chef or culinary student. Each backpack comes equipped with a customized knife case portfolio that fits firmly in the back pocket. It is also designed to hold multiple cooking tools, chef uniforms, first-aid kit, laptop computer, instruction books, and much more. The tools are easily accessible and the unique design of the bag creates a lighter load and ensures safety for the user. No other backpack is exclusively designed or specifically equipped for chefs, in size or utility, to carry all of their gear.

LabelChef Pak
ManufacturerChef Pak
PublisherChef Pak
StudioChef Pak
TitleChef Pak Edge
FeatureThe ultimate, all-in-one backpack for chefs and culinary students Back pocket is custom built for knife case portfolio Laptop pocket with maximum screen size of 17in Middle pocket is large enough to hold books and/or uniforms Designated area with pockets for your cooking utensils (up to 15in)
BrandChef Pak
UPCList - UPCListElement793573797216
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