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Chicago Cutlery Forum 7.5-Inch Chef's Knife

67% Positive Reviews
Rated #26 in Chef's Knives


Pros: cheap

Cons: soft steel won't hold an edge

bought this knife for work my first time in a professional kitchen and was fairly happy with it but soon realized that it is a terrible knife the knife is soft i never took anything but a steel to it and over the span of a year it developed an inch and a half concave shape to the blade next to the bolster


after i bought a japanese knife with harder steel a longer blade and a better geometry and haven't looked back i would much rather spend 80-150 on a knife that i like than 20 on one i can tolerate if you are looking for a cheap knife go with forschner i wish i had i would probably still be using it


Pros: sharp, cheap, light

Cons: none

The best knife i have ever bought. It was cheap and stays razor sharp. and doesn't wear ur hand out from cutting all day. I own the santoku style and i can't ever seem to put it down. Cooks are always taking it bc they love to use it. I own henkels too and i hate them. The best bang for your buck, HANDS DOWN!


Pros: Stainless Steel Handle, Sharp, Average Cost

Cons: None so far

I bought the complete set of the Chicago Cutlery from Walmart for a little around $100. I didn't really have that much money to buy each knife individually but I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with it. I love the stainless steel handles and the way they curve so they're pretty comfortable to use. I also like that the knife block comes complete with a sharpener so you can sharpen it after every use. As long as you do this, your knife will always cut amazingly!

Chicago Cutlery Forum 7.5-Inch Chef's Knife

Chicago Cutlery Forum 7.5-Inch Chef Knife includes 1-Each 7.5-Inch chef knife.Chicago Cutlery Forum collection is constructed of high-carbon stainless steel blades and features our exclusive Taper Grind edge technology which is extremely sharp and enables precision cutting. The forged bolster provides balance and safety while ergonomically designed stainless steel handles combine comfort and safety with sleek, contemporary styling.

LabelChicago Cutlery
List Price$16.98
ManufacturerChicago Cutlery
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
PublisherChicago Cutlery
StudioChicago Cutlery
TitleChicago Cutlery Forum 7.5-Inch Chef's Knife
FeatureThis item weighs approximately 1 pound upon shipping; Chicago Cutlery offers a lifetime guarantee for defective parts or workmanship
BrandChicago Cutlery
Height16 inches
Length4 inches
Width1 inches
ColorStainless Steel
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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