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There is something unique and extraordinarily special about chocolate. Just seeing an elaborate chocolate gteau makes the mouth water, the mere smell of a steaming cup of hot chocolate is somehow comforting and who can think of a better way to say thank you than with some homemade chocolate truffles? A chocolate-lover's dream, this book is packed with recipes for making cakes, gteaux, hot and cold desserts, sweets and drinks with this most luxurious of ingredients. From the classic simplicity of Sachertorte or Chocolate & Chestnut Custard to the sophisticated elegance of Chocolate Crpes with Plums and Port or Hot Mocha Rum Souffls, all are wickedly self-indulgent. There are family favorites, special treats for the children, wonderful chocolate variations on other classic recipes and new ideas and unusual combinations of ingredients. Why not brighten up a dreary winter's day with Chocolate Chip & Banana Pudding, quench a summer thirst with Iced Mint & Chocolate Cooler, spoil the children with Chunky Double Chocolate Chip Cookies or tell a secret to someone special with Strawberry Chocolate Valentine Gteau? Chocolate can sometimes be quite tricky to handle, but with easy-to-follow-step-by step instructions and tantalizing photographs of the finished dishes, success is virtually guaranteed. The only problem for the confirmed chocoholic is which recipe to choose first.

AuthorChristine France
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