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Clean Food - Flavor is Trump

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Clean Food - Flavor is Trump

How to make cardboard taste good - so to speak, even vegetables and dishes kids will eat. Author Chef Erika G. Cenci shares proven sensational signature recipes in this, her third cookbook, as usual using combinations of seasonal ingredients to yield unimaginable flavor-consistently gourmet; seasonal food in recipes are surprisingly inexpensive; recipes are easily adaptable to everyday meals, and they are recipes naturally suitable for all lifestyles and occasions. Whether its Lobster or Chicken - Vegetarian or Meat - Chilled Soups or Stews - Breads, Desserts, Cakes or Tortes this author has taken busy lifestyles into account and therefore the focus, as well as, providing illustrations about bread making, boning fish and others in conjunction with ingredients that involve a little more effort in their preparation. Preparing ahead and pre-measuring makes a more complex dish much easier and less time consuming when ready to cook.

AuthorErika G. Cenci
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Publication Date2008-01-31
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TitleClean Food - Flavor is Trump
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