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Cooking - A Basic Repertoire

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Cooking - A Basic Repertoire

Good cooking is more than just blindly following a recipe! Most people unsuccessfully try to learn how to cook from cookbooks that contain numerous recipes but offer precious little basic, underlying knowledge—especially for the less-experienced cook. Professional cooking textbooks address this need but can be overwhelming, since much of their subject matter is beyond the scope of the home cook. The purpose of Cooking—A Basic Repertoire is not only to supply recipes but also to use these recipes as a mini lesson to provide an understanding of underlying cooking principles and ingredients. In this ingenious cookbook, author Tony Polombo selects recipes based on their instructive value and ease of preparation without the need for expensive kitchen equipment. Each recipe has an introduction that focuses on key ingredients, then moves to a step-by-step, thorough explanation. Additional reading is also included for those who wish to learn more. Ideal for newlyweds or others starting out on their own, Cooking—A Basic Repertoire is perfect for those who appreciate good food and want a solid foundation of knowledge to be able to cook for themselves and for others!

AuthorTony Polombo
Dewey Decimal Number641
LabeliUniverse, Inc.
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Publication Date2006-04-03
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TitleCooking - A Basic Repertoire
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ChefTalk.com › Culinary Schools, Cookbooks & Cookware › Cookbooks › Reference › Cooking - A Basic Repertoire