Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco Reviews


The Foundation for Preparation of One of the World's Great Cusines


Pros: THE definitive Moroccan cookbook

Cons: no scratch & sniffs

No less a gastronomic luminary than Gael Greene wrote, in her introduction to this book: "I doubt that anyone who adores good food will be able to resist the book's siren call to Morocco."  Having spent more than a decade living and working in this marvelous country on the northwest coast of Africa, I knew the cuisine quite intimately from Tangier down to Tan-Tan, I sampled and enjoyed an incredible culinary journey.     Paula's book is true and accurate and orthodox to the colorful palette of Moroccan cuisine.  I knew of Paula in the very early 1970's.  Her reputation was that of a totally-focused student of great cooking who went much, much  deeper...
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