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A Review On: Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco

Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco

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Pros: THE definitive Moroccan cookbook

Cons: no scratch & sniffs

No less a gastronomic luminary than Gael Greene wrote, in her introduction to this book: "I doubt that anyone who adores good food will be able to resist the book's siren call to Morocco."  Having spent more than a decade living and working in this marvelous country on the northwest coast of Africa, I knew the cuisine quite intimately from Tangier down to Tan-Tan, I sampled and enjoyed an incredible culinary journey.  


Paula's book is true and accurate and orthodox to the colorful palette of Moroccan cuisine.  I knew of Paula in the very early 1970's.  Her reputation was that of a totally-focused student of great cooking who went much, much  deeper than a recorder of recipes: Paula was very much into the cultural underpinnings of every dish.  Origins, variations and techniques were always perfectly documented - along with personal stories about the adventures of her travels in the lands that attracted her curious culinary palate and hunger for great food.


If you, as I, have tried Moroccan restaurants in the U.S., and have been somewhat disappointed (I've only experienced 3 that were truly spot-on), Paula Wolfert's Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco will immediately bring to vibrant life your personal recollections of the country, and, if you haven't traveled el Magreb, you will be transported by both her recipes and her recollections.  A must-have for a diversified kitchen.


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