Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind and Brew, Brushed Chrome Reviews

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews


Great for the first month


Pros: Fresh Grids

Cons: Stopped working after a month, doesn't use a bur grinder,

For about the first month this was the greatest coffee maker I had.   For the last several years I've been grinding my own beans.  So this coffee maker was nice, because it would grind them and was programmable.  And it made a damn good cup of joe.   Well, after about the first month, it would only do about 2 cups even though I had it filled with water.   I have to run it once, then run it a few more times with the grind off to get a full pot.   Also, the grinder is the whirly bird kind, as opposed to a burr grinder, so all the grinds are different sizes.  I even seems to grind too much, as a lot of dust like grinds end up in the actual coffee.   I'm going to go back to a different drip...
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