Cuisinart DGB-600BC

A Review On: Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind and Brew, Brushed Chrome

Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind and Brew, Brushed Chrome

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We've had two of these, in whatever model number was appropriate for the year we bought. They work pretty well in most respects, but have one issue in common with nearly all combi grinder/drip makers and one that's pretty much their own.
First, you can expect the grind path to get wet -- so you have to clean and dry it after every use or you'll get gummy, rancid coffee fines stuck in the grinder and in the path from grinder to brew basket.
Second, whether you use disposable paper filters or the gold-plated permanent filter, the Cuisinart will brew weak and somewhat insipid. If you like strong and/or robust coffee, you should use more coffee or a more intense blend.
It is recommended in the user manual that the pathway from grinder to basket be rinsed between uses. I have done so and have had no difficulties since operating this machine. Haven't had trouble with weak coffee, either. Been using a good, locally roasted bean (Old City Coffee, in Philly) that delivers a good product.