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Dimensions of Food, Fifth Edition

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Dimensions of Food, Fifth Edition

A popular workbook, Dimensions of Food has been imparting knowledge of foods to students of nutrition and dietetics, food science, and other food-related fields for three decades. Updated to reflect the latest trends and regulations, the fifth edition includes current information regarding nutrition, food legislation and mandated food labeling, and it presents more background information than in previous editions. The manual provides a variety of stimulating exercises and laboratory discussions through which students can explore and better understand the multidimensional nature of food decisions and preparation. Dimensions of Food, Fifth Edition presents sequenced learning experiences that move from basic demonstrations of key principles in earlier chapters, to their applications in later chapters. For example, students will explore food economics, labeling, and the assessment of nutrient quality of diets based on the Food Guide Pyramid, then they will observe demonstrations and experiments that provide the basics to understanding the functional and structural properties of the components of foods. Questions and problems throughout the manual facilitate application of principles to many food situations. Once completed, the book serves as an essential reference guide for personal and professional use. For success in using this workbook, it is good to know that a previous knowledge of food preparation is not mandatory for success! The workbook is designed to help students clarify and organize facts into working principles. Activities may be carried out in the laboratory, demonstrated, or assigned as projects to be completed outside of the classroom, such as at home in the kitchen, or in the grocery store. With Dimensions of Food, Fifth Edition, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the science of food involved in food preparation, the nutritional contents of food, and the effects of processing on nutritional value. They will observe the important connections between good taste and food selection, between diet and optimum health. They will recognize that nutrition, food safety, and the economics of the marketplace are all important factors when making food decisions.

AuthorMarjorie M. Devine Ph.D.
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LabelCRC Press
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Publication Date2002-06-07
PublisherCRC Press
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TitleDimensions of Food, Fifth Edition
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