Eat Ink: Recipes. Stories. Tattoos. Reviews

Jim Berman

O’Halloran and Holton artistically dispense the cooks that share the needle that delivers an endorphin rush through and from the kitchen


Pros: Contemporary, visual stunner

Cons: Somewhat similar genres of food, but not to a fault

Eat Ink by Birk O'Halloran (Author) , Daniel Luke Holton (Author) Reviewed by Jim Berman   Cooks are branded into their field. They wear “I’m a cook” as a badge of honor; a war wound, a number across a mug shot. When you shake hands with a cook, you feel the rugged callousness of their hands from sweeping the carnage across their cutting board or hefting a ten-inch chef’s knife over many long nights. They are much like members of a gang; they brandish colors and have lifted heads when they tell of their occupation. There is no I’m “just” a cook. Hell no! “Just” is for somebody else, but not a cook. It’s a pride thing. We’ll tell anybody that cares to listen and even those that do...
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