Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie Reviews


Summer Pastry International Program - Level One


Pros: Chefs are skillful to teach for the level, good accommodation and lunch provided by School, location is cute and quiet in country side

Cons: Chefs may not know English well, school schedule last minute changes all the time, location of school makes harder to get in/out to city

I recently completed this program on Aug 2015. To wrap up my experience in ENSP, here is my personal comments with regards to the Summer Pastry Program!  The question is.. Would I recommend ENSP? Well that depends.. Value for Money – Not cheap but it is a cheaper option if you want to study French Pastry in France aside from Paris. Chefs quality – All Chefs are definitely has the right skills sets to teach the students. However, it will not be a good learning experience if they cannot speak English (which happened to us for the two weeks of bakery and petit four). Lab/Equipment quality – Total of 9 labs, some labs are nicer than others. All station has individual mixer and bowls, big...
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