Edible Selby Reviews

Jim Berman

A primer on food as adventure and sustenance


Pros: Beautifully produced with content that matches

Cons: This is not a cookbook, so don't expect a recipe collection

Edible Selby Todd Selby   Reviewed by Jim Berman     Todd Selby is not a chef. Rather, he is a photographer and illustrator. Since food really is the universal language, not being a chef didn’t stop Selby from culminating a book bursting with great food, interesting characters responsible for that food and whimsical dialog that runs droll and, often, irreverent. I like a little cynicism  sprinkled on my eggs; it awakens the taste for digesting some different writing. Edible Selby is definitely different; it is not a cookbook and really will not fit neatly into your kitchen collection. Part travel, part food, part photo collection, Edible Selby speaks to...
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