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Enjoy: Volume One (Volume 1)

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Enjoy: Volume One (Volume 1)

Arlette Boutros' book is a welcome alternative to the ever-increasing number of cookbooks which either explore specific national and ethnic cuisines from all over the world, or introduce the amateur to gourmet cooking Arlette on the other hand has provided the housewife who has a family to cook for, and perhaps has a job outside the home, with a set of recipes from different cultures which provide variety, simplicity, and novelty. Being herself Lebanese half of the dishes she describes, and also illustrates with clear and appetising clarity, are from the Lebanese repertoire, but she has simplified them and made them more easily accessible to a wider public. She has also made innovations in traditional Lebanese recipes which retain their basic tastes and values while bringing them into line with modern demands for healthy eating. It is olive oil, for example, which is the main cooking fat specified in the recipes. The other half of the dishes come from a wide variety of culinary cultures, mainly Mediterranean, but some Chinese and Mexican. The choice comes from Arlette's own experience in providing meals for her family acceptable to her Lebanese husband and her British-cultured children. This make her book of special interest to all the increasing number of immigrant and transient families in the societies of the West for whom their cooking remains the most important link to their native cultures, but who must also adapt to their new homes and the new varieties of foods available. Arlette's book provides a most useful and attractive guide to the kitchens of our multi-cultural societies. Cecil Hourani /Author Jordan: The Land and the Table

AuthorArlette Haddad Boutros
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TitleEnjoy: Volume One (Volume 1)
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