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Finger Food (by Heinz Beck)

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Finger Food (by Heinz Beck)

Three Star Michelin chef Heinz Beck is not one to underestimate a first impression. He welcomes guests to Rome's famed La Pergola restaurant with 'amuse bouches' that never fail to surprise and delight. Prepared with the same meticulous attention that is lavashed on every other course, these inviting little bites communicate Beck's philosophy in miniature form, the elements of his signature style - creative presentation, contrasting textures and extraordinary lightness - are clearly evident, even when he is working on such a small scale. In this book Beck offers over forty recipes for his favorite finger food in forms ranging from the classic (bruschette, kebabs) to the inspired (cones, spoons, shots). Superbly photographed by Janez Puksic, these images demonstrate that even a tiny portion can make an enormous visual impact, riveting a diner's attention even before he takes a single bite.And after that fatal first encounter there is no turning back. Cheese Pralines with Caviar, Lemon Ginger Sardines, Shallots Stuffed with Venison Ragout, Won-Ton Bundles with Tuna and Peppers, baccalà Foam with Olives and Tomatoes, lemongrass granita with Scampi and Avocado. Each and every one is utterly irresistible.

AuthorHeinz Beck
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ManufacturerBibliotheca Culinaria
Number Of Pages104
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Product Type NameBOOKS_1973_AND_LATER
Publication Date2006
PublisherBibliotheca Culinaria
StudioBibliotheca Culinaria
TitleFinger Food (by Heinz Beck)
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ChefTalk.com › Culinary Schools, Cookbooks & Cookware › Cookbooks › Finger Food (by Heinz Beck)